Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten Mile Revival

Last Saturday, mendo coast disc golfers were treated to the first installment in about a year of the "MCFC Special Tourney".  Hawk Stevers spearheaded an effort to create a safari course on private property up the Ten-Mile River.  This has been the fourth (correct me if I'm wrong) safari course used in special tourney play.  The first being Erin's "Pond Course" followed by my "Joey Memorial 2-par", followed by the Mendo "APE" and now we have the "Ten Mile Revival".  I LOVE THIS SHIT!  Let this be a revival of the Special Tourney in all its glory.  We have fun tournaments on the horizon and lots in more in development. 

The Ten Mile Revival course used the topography of the land to create tough putts, the tightness of the trees to shrink the available birdie window and designed OB to brutalize the scores. 

I was stoked to be out playing a new course in our backyard with the mendo/fort bragg regulars.  There was a whole new bag of shots needed to score on the revival set-up and two rounds just wasn't enough.  I bet I'm not the only one who wants a few more runs at that island.  Let's support any efforts to pursue the use of that land and anywhere else our club can find to set up temporary courses.

Thanks Hawk and anyone else that helped in the setup and breakdown.  Add your TMR accounts on the comments.


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  1. Hawk or Wip, do you have the scores to apply for Coast Cup? Could you email or post them?