Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ukiah Sun Bowl

The weather was prime, the wind was scarce, and "the coast/MCFC" came to play.  It was an absolute beautiful day and shortly after tee off, I was warm in my puma pants and skull cap.  I quickly put on my ball cap and finished the round one over which was tied with Eric Langton but 4 strokes back of the one they call Levi who shot a hot 1st round of -3.  David Guzman took my card at 4 under.  The phrases I heard based on my round/shots at low gap were:  "Davey D, too hot", "you almost aced it and then it was gone down the hill", "Davey D, nice putt/par save".  3 bogeys, 2 birdies, and the rest pars was my round.  Coming back to tournament central with neither my head held high or my head held low I learned that Lt. Dan/Dan the Man was atop the Advanced Division at 6 under.  The word, "BAGGER" was thrown around quite a bit but who am to say.  A quick lunch and the second round commenced.      

Shorts and a Boonville t-shirt was the atire for the second round.  I quickly learned I was on the chaser care with Langton, Dirka, a Ukiah guy named Ben, and a Ukiah guy named Donald.  I must say that Dirka putted very well.  The phrases that I heared based on my shots were:  "Too hot", "Oh, shit its down the hill and out of bounds", and silence.  The second round we played every hole at a different tee location making it harder for some and easier for others especially if you have a thumber.    Well, 4 over wasn't what I hoped for but that is what I got especially after going out of bounds on a hole and scoring a 5P.  Anyways, the hightights of the MCFC were:

Levi took 2nd place in Am 2
Erin Hemmings took 3rd place in Pro and
Lt. Dan/Dan the Man took 1st place in Am 1

I forgot to mention that Dan the Man aced hole 18 on the second round and was thouroughly congratulated by Ukiah folk and Coast folk.

Whoever wants to fill in the gaps (get it-low gap) over the winners or there own round please do so.  Lets go MCFC...lets represent for the FORT BRAGG ICE BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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