Monday, June 28, 2010

Dizzle Dazzles!

Natedog finally healed that bum elbow, and took down the tourney with a fierce, blistering 4 under his handi. Jim, Erin and Gregg tied for second with 3 under handi, and after the playoff, both Jim and Erin had birdie putts. Jim's putt cruelly ignored the wind and stayed an inch high of the basket, and Erin put away his equidistant putt for the ten bucks. Dallas came out, brought two guys with him, and put up a strong 8 down, tying Jim for second place in the overall, but Erin defended the MCDC overall score with one shot better. It was a beautiful day, marred only by the poor no-show of one DaveyD, who had lost the overall the night before to the ruthless wiles of Woodbridge.

Erin took home the scoresheets.

I did and here they are:

Craig +8
Rob -4
Erin -9
Dallas -8

Nate +1
Droc -1
G$ -5
Randy -3

Vince +8
Ryan -3
Jim -8

Monday, June 21, 2010

And Then There Were 2!

Well, I should start off by saying, don't worry the streak continues...barely. As I was practiciing putting at 4:20pm, and not a soul in sight, low and behold the man, the myth, the legend, Vinny Vincenzo Vincealots shows up. GAME ON, we have an official tournament. After we both contributed a dollar a piece to the ace pot the game was on...and what a game, might I say match it was. After 9 holes Davey D was -3 (3 over my handi) and Vinny was even (1 under his handi). After Vinny birdied 15 and I birdied 16, I was -7 (1 under my handi) and Vinny was -1 (2 under his handi). I finished with a par and a birdy and Vinny finished with a bogey and birdy. Ladies and Gentlemen you know what this means...tie game and playoff. Top of the world saw Davey D split it and par out and Vinny miss but he runs his par putt and barely misses it. Once again Davey D is on top of the frolf community.


Davey D: -8 (2 under handi) PLAYOFF WINNER
Vinny: -1 (2 under handi) SECOND PLACE


Monday, June 14, 2010

Does Jim Break/Tie the 3 in a row record?

As Jim slowly exited his car with an invisible neck brace we all knew it was gonna be hard for him to go where some men have gone before...3 in a row. The real story on this day was Lateweather showing up kicking some ass, taking some names, and breaking his record by 2 strokes. That's right without a practice putt or drive (he didn't even get to flip his disc because we drew cards) Breakrecordweather shoots a -10 and clearly won the tournament. Also, Jake the Snake Smotherdisc shoots an even round (5 under his handicap) and takes second place. Jim was barely able to lean over and congratulate Tenweather (well at least his head didn't hang low). Well, I guess that just shows you what kind of guy Jimmer is. Dirka, can you give us an update on how Lake County went? Can someone post the scores? Here is what I remember:

Winsalot: -10 (Winner)
Davey D: -7
Gees Nut: -6
Breadin': -3
Snake: 0 (Second Place)
Arvin: 0
NeckJim: 0 or +1?
Dizzle: +5?
Larry: ?
Jeremey: ?
Johnny: ?
Who am I forgetting?


Tuesday, June 1, 2010