Monday, June 14, 2010

Does Jim Break/Tie the 3 in a row record?

As Jim slowly exited his car with an invisible neck brace we all knew it was gonna be hard for him to go where some men have gone before...3 in a row. The real story on this day was Lateweather showing up kicking some ass, taking some names, and breaking his record by 2 strokes. That's right without a practice putt or drive (he didn't even get to flip his disc because we drew cards) Breakrecordweather shoots a -10 and clearly won the tournament. Also, Jake the Snake Smotherdisc shoots an even round (5 under his handicap) and takes second place. Jim was barely able to lean over and congratulate Tenweather (well at least his head didn't hang low). Well, I guess that just shows you what kind of guy Jimmer is. Dirka, can you give us an update on how Lake County went? Can someone post the scores? Here is what I remember:

Winsalot: -10 (Winner)
Davey D: -7
Gees Nut: -6
Breadin': -3
Snake: 0 (Second Place)
Arvin: 0
NeckJim: 0 or +1?
Dizzle: +5?
Larry: ?
Jeremey: ?
Johnny: ?
Who am I forgetting?



  1. Everyone read my neat little write up. I might add that highlights of our round were NateDossDog getting a birdy on hole 16 and Rye Bread, Parkweather, and myself had a competitive battle for most of the round until Parky stepped on the gas while Rye Bread stalled out and I stayed in neutral. It was a fun round and group with a lot of nonsensical yelling. Cheers. GO USA SOCCER!


  2. Yes, it's true that my wife was baffled as to why I was numbing my stiff neck up to throw discs when I could barely turn my head, but how can one explain the radiance and rarity of the three-peat to one who doesn't already understand? Unfortunately the numbing agent numbed my putting stroke while not doing a great job of numbing the (more painful) driving stroke, which was exactly the inverse of what I had hoped, so I was dead in the water.

    But the real story was Matthew Tenweather finally joining the magical realm of double digits! He is now a member of one of the most elite clubs in the world: MFCers who have thrown double-digits in Sunday tourney. We members are, at this very moment, hand-forging him a key (the precious metal of which remains secret) with which he may now access the grounds and clubhouse of the MFCDD, located in an (of course) undisclosed location high in the top of a select grove of Monterey pines somewhere on the Mendocino Coast. More details of this bucolic and extravagant Utopia I cannot give, but rest assured Matthew will celebrate this day in high and festive style for the rest of his days! What a gift he has given himself in advance of his impending nuptuals! Huzzah!! Huzzah!!! Huzzah!!!!

  3. (My apologies, the MFCDD has recently been changed to the MCDCDD. After all these years, change is hard...)

  4. wow matthew a big fat ten thats huge, hopefully your handicap will begin to reflect your stellar play :) as far as lakeport goes it was fun they set up a temp course (soon to be perm i hear, (thats right soon to be 44 holes out there)) this course is short and dare i say easy, a few tough shots with some danger but overall pretty easy, which the b pool plays twice. on day one i was feeling pretty good with 8 birds but then i started getting some bogeys and not playing well, wound up only 3 down which was not good for this course, the next round on the "real" course i foolishly forgot to restock my water adequately and payed the price in the lakeport heat got really dehydrated and a severe headache, wound up shooting a 4 over which i thought was a lot worse than it was, at this point i was almost a little embarressed. ending the day at one over wasnt a good score out there, but the story was different the next day, i look to see im in 14th at the beginning of the third round, i figure all i can do is move up so with that in mind i went out to have fun and.....with the 2 minute warning and the start be yelled and echoed trough those hills i released my first drive of the day on a short any hole with my ever turny stratus and WHAMO... ace what a way to start and then the next hole another local on my card aces, we rode this good mojo out to the end everything went right and i shot a 11 down on this course to bump me way back up to 7th i was really happy about this. and i hear you get norcal series points for an ace, of which i am climbing up the board rapidly in my division. i sure had a lot of fun and met some nice guys, wish some of you could of made it, i picked up some hoodies and tees i hope you all will be getting soon, and hopefully we can get some discs dyed soon i got lots. tommy sends his regards he seems well and happy, it was good to see him.

    i still think we all need to get together and have a vote on a final club name . i dont feel like enough people have put in their opinion

    and who is maddie???
    one of our thousands of undisclosed blog followers???

  5. MCDCDD? Why Mendocino Coast Disc golf Club Double Digits, of course. I can only assume that was Lindsey asking, since Erin had his key forged years ago, and hangs out so often in the tree-top clubhouse that....oh wait, Erin, was I not supposed to tell Lindsey about the MCDCDD? Um...Nevermind...

  6. Davey, you were forgetting John, a guy in our group making his debut at tourney, although we've seen him around.

  7. First off, Dirka--Congrats on your tourney and tourney ace welcome to the TOURNEY ACE club. Maddie is known other then Linzanator's sister. Second off, Jimmy--I think you goofed by letting folks in on the secret fortress...the coast Frolfers might be coming for blood...we better watch our for some good scores. In regards to the guy I forgot I did mention Johnny but I forgot to mention The Chenzo (Vinny). There ya have it. GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!