Friday, April 20, 2012

The last two weeks....

Doggy Style

Well, despite the dearth of information on our blogs (which apparently 9 people look at ((according to the blog stats)) meaning about one third of our club) Things have happened in the last two weeks!  Perhaps it has been the absence of some of our regulars, such as David "desert rat" D, Jim "city slicker" Eldridge or Erin "Hucking shit in Vegas" Hemulous.  Or the inevitable let down after the club expended so much energy in so little time.  Or the sudden break out of seasonable weather, but for whatever reason no one has sat down and wasted valuable hours of rest to trying to tell everyone (or 1/3 of everyone) what they already  know in a witty and humorous way.  Yes Derrick won the coast cup, which was rad, and deserves its own write up, which I am sure Jim, my literate and nimble prose producing partner can expound on.  I did not win, and neither did you unless your name is Hawk or Erin.  Lets just say it was pretty much the best thing ever, and the APE course is highly regarded. (some whispers indicate that the club might like to play the ape course EXCLUSIVELY in mendo, assuming we can stay ahead of the vandals).  Speaking of which, the vandals have been trashing the high school (in general) and Mendo course (specifically) about once a week.  What the Fuck???
   In other club news, 7 bewildered souls showed up the Sunday after the APE and played A course.   Jeremy (who BTW hasn't thrown an ace in at least the last 72 far as I know...) won,  Greg (shooting the best score of -6 ) tied with Nate dog,  they had a playoff for 2nd- and I have no idea who won, cause I went home.   This Sunday was B course and Nate Dizzle "who let us use his shit when he wasn't even there and we left chairs in the middle of his showroom and the heater on" Dog beat the shit out of any disc golfer who bothered to show with a -8 below handi!!!  Jeremy and Juballe tied for 2nd, and Rayden was 3rd.  Funny thing was, they had all gone home, so we put the $10 in the ace pot.  Which brings up the subject of, well, what do we do when all the second and third place winners leave before the tourney is over?  some other questions-  Should we keep doing 3 different course in Mendo? and, Can we get an evening tourney in Fort Bragg so more club members can come?  As far as I know, Fort Bragg has 2 pm dubs on Tuesday and 2:30 pm singles on Thursday.  How about an evening or Saturday round?  Just a thought.
   Also, In this weeks Dubs from Ft Bragg,   Greg and Jeremy took down  Chris and Jesse and Dan and Matthew in a close and hotly contested doubles round.  I believe all groups were tied at -7 after 11 holes, but G and the Germ pulled away on the last few holes for the victory.

Friday, April 6, 2012