Friday, October 30, 2009

Glo Dubs!

That is right, the time is changing and so are we. The CR dubs will now be glowing. The time to meet is 6 and we should be teeing off at 6:15ish. This starts this week Nov. 5th. Hope to see lots of you out there!

Last Weeks Scores.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

A Great Day of Frolf and Some New Blood Action

A 13 player turnout and a first time champion garnished sunday's frolf feast. With a gusty 15-20 kt. north-northwesterly breeze and sunny skies, the Mendocino High School Disc Golf Course was at its peak in terms of conditions. The course would be challenging and unpredictable. The wind would play its role in creating the drama of a good sunday tourny. Without the intermittent exhale of ol' Neptune the course can sometimes seem open and even easy to score on. The wind blew and the discs followed.
Our new champion and new disc golf enthusiast, Matthew McAllister, shot an even with three birdies and a 5-4 finish on 17 and 18. Impressive. Especially to know that Uncle Travelin' Matt only just started playing the game last year and has only a handful of rounds in Mendo. Good risk/reward strategy and cautious play earned the newcomer a handicapped -5 and a tourny win. Second place saw the crafty veteren Erin "these pants are too long I need to" Hem"them"ings against a spry and dressed to impress Alex "I came to play today". With a long left to right shot, Erin crossed the plane of the uprights and left a difficult birdie putt, while our hero, Davey to Erin's Goliath, missed short left but played hard and brought the game to a forty-fifty foot putt that made a good run. Erin second, Matt the gold and Alex with a strong sunday finish.
For me and what seemed like the rest of us it was a good challenge. A round of applause for the host of last week, I could not make it but it sounds like a swell adventure, mister Derrick Robbings. With a new handi of -4 I do believe he is now the real thing. Congrats. I only saw the game of those on my card. Well played Jake with a hadicapped 0 and Zeb who never gave up and had some very good control for a brand new player. Aloha to Drew for hanging in there and shooting a 5 on his first ever Mendo round in the wind. Cautious play and big par hits were the keys to that magic trick. I shot a +1 and turns out had a -1 handi so I had a tough day.
Always nice to see everyone out and about on a beautiful sunday.

Sarah and I may be moving out of our house soon. This would mean an end to the Joey Memorial. I would love to have some folks out for stroke play matches to see how far we can push the score on this thing. Maybe Saturday all day play.
I'll send out an invite if it all works out.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blog Update

Administration access to all!!
The days of limited blogging are over. Those who want to alter the look, feel, smell, taste of this blog are free to do so, well as long as you are a member that is..

If your sick of dark blue, change it.
If you want a new header photo, do it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Milk Duds and A Big Thank You To Dirka!

Mendocino Frolf Club Patrons,

It was a fun Manchester weekend (wait, was that only one day?) with lots of food, fun, and frolicness but what did we really learn:

1. DaveyD likes Milk Duds.
2. Dirka/Dekendra puts on a great special tournament with Pinata and everything.
3. Parksadisc likes the Manchester course but isn't very good at setting "over under ace lines".
4. HemHaw is a good disc golfer (even on a course where he doesn't have to throw a thousand feet).
5. B-Run shows up for fun events.
6. Smelderberry likes Coors and Coors Light (thanks for the beer, Smelder!)
7. Brian Brody is a kind gentlemen letting Oroville take home at least one medal.
8. Jody Brody is not a kind woman and she took it to the field (Nice second place Jody!)
9. Despite Arvin Julius having to open a CVS in Azerbaijan he was still able to make the tournament and bring home a medal.
10. Alexander Supertramp got an ace and shot 100 down (WTF!)
11. Vince is really a queenie Indiana Jones.
12. Those silly Oroville guys sure know how to party and karoke.
13. Chimichangas covered in chilli make DaveyD have to make big doodies.

Hey, another big thank you and Kudus to Dirka for arranging the Special Tournament. Great idea with the Pinata stuffed with Milk Duds and Alcohol.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

manchester up date

so im hoping most of you will find time to make it down sat

heres some info:
Manchester Beach KOA Is Proud To Announce the

First Annual Disc Golf Tournament

WHEN: October 17th, 2009 8am (shot gun start)
WHERE: Manchester Beach KOA
ENTRANCE FEE: *$20.00 Includes:
Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Awards Ceremony Dinner
& Cash Awards for First, Second and Third Places

Medals: Gold for 1st Place
Silver for 2nd Place
Bronze for 3rd Place

*Must Sign-Up & Pay Entrance Fee in Advance as Participation is Limited
Non-Participants are Welcome to Join in on the Ceremony Dinner for $9.00
$5.00 for Children 10 years and under


In Celebration of this event, we will be offering 20% Discount off all Kamping sites.
Mention code CG to receive Discount when
making reservations @ 707-882-2375


i would like to see this tourney and

a 18-27 hole night round and

a 18 hole mini round

make up a mfc special 3 part tournament

there also doing a breakast in the morn on sunday

so im hoping yall can camp and maybe we can do the mini round on sunday, or if nobody wants to camp maybe we can do our mini round and our own awards ceremony up here

there are those kozy kabins wich are discounted for the night poker?? liars dice??

what do you guys think??

davey says hes in
jim??, magee?? , hemhaw??linz???

Monday, October 5, 2009

I can Moderate. Well not really just on here.

This weekend proved that even when you are facing your lowest handi and the heaviest wind anything can happen. We started out in two groups. Erin, Rye Bread, Traveling Matt and myself started things off. I was happy with my start to the day hitting the bush right behind the pin for one. Others in this group were not treated so fairly by the wind. I think we were finishing hole two when we heard the crowd erupt with cheers. The second group made of Nate, Jody, Davey, Parkweather, and Super T Alex were alive with the banging of the chains from 150 feet away. Who did it? OH! There goes Jody running to the basket with a smile that could be seen from space. At that moment we should have handed Jody the money and went to see what ever football game or Simpsons episode that we were missing. Had we admitted defeat then things may not have stung so much for everyone else. I did not hear many great stories of the day except Super T and Traveling both posted some killer windy day scores. Great job guys. I had a high note of tying Hem Haw on the front nine. Come to find Jody was only one stroke behind us at the turn with her all time low of -3 at hole 10. I felt really good about my game until 16 where I went from -5 to +2 in 3 holes. My silly last few holes saw me out of the running for first and into a tie for second with The Bread Man. Jody ended her victory at +4 with her handy gave here the win at -1. Congrats Jody, but watch out for falling handis. Ryan and I decided that we could not take much more of the excitement and wanted to settle this quick and easy. So we played the money hole and Ryan slammed one into the chains to take the win! Great shot Ryan! Hope to see you all next week.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Upon request (from Smelder) and because Roy deserves it, dagnabit, I shall announce to the webernet world that our own Roy won last Sunday's tournament playing a stellar game and winning the tournament in a playoff. My group consisted of myself, Alex "Alexander Supertramp", Nate "Nate Dog Dizzle" Anderson, and Vince "Vinny Vincenzo". This was a fierce battle between Nate, Roy, and Vince and Vince and Roy tied shooting (I think) 4 under their handicap. "Top of the World" someone screamed out and without further adeu - Roy and Vince were at the top of the world both throwing threw the uprights and hitting their putts. That's right they BOTH threw it through the uprights (great shots guys). Anyways, so they went to a second hole playoff where Roy took it. Great game guys. Hope to see y'all today.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let's get this blog back on track!

How about a picture of last Sunday's winner?  And a description of the tourney?  Goodness knows Roy has waited long enough and deserves it!