Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let's get this blog back on track!

How about a picture of last Sunday's winner?  And a description of the tourney?  Goodness knows Roy has waited long enough and deserves it!




  1. Erin and I have been without regular internet for the past three weeks (and will be sans-hookup into the unforeseeable future). We've passed blog-header-photo-changing-&-sidebar-record-changing privileges onto the Brodys as well, but are taking a break from changing the photo every week. Sorry guys!

  2. No problemo Linz and Erin! But the Brodys are out of town, I've been told, so we need more than just the Brodys (who are only part-time residents, right?) to cover the blog responsibilities. How about Matthew or David or whoever shows up most frequently on Sundays? Hardly me, as I can only make it one out of every three Sundays these days...Grumble grumble......and I'm missing this Sunday too, looks like...

  3. We had no idea that we had so much power. Sorry to let you all down. Hopefully someone out there can be a better guardian for this blog.

  4. Jimmy,

    Your right...I posted a description of Roy's victory. Congrats Roy!