Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mend Disc Golf and a New World Record (sort of)

Gents and Ladies,

A new Mendocino Disc Golf record is upon us. Jim Jimmy Jimmerson Eldestberry Eldridge and I went out yesterday seeking the "One Disc Only" record. James used his new (sort of Periwinkle) Destroyer and I used my outstanding yeller Force. The match was close (very close), despite Davey D having approximately 4 Tecata Beers in him. We ended with a tie both shooting 7 under. There were many putts that squirreled out but some that surprisingly stayed in. Well, write it up, document it...there is a new MFC record out there. We (Jim, I hope I can speak for you) are accepting all challengers.

Hey Erin, thanks for putting the cool new picture on the website but does anyone notice a spelling error?

Anyways, (to repeat Dirka Dekendra) who is in for the Manchester regular tournament and Dirka's special tournament?

GO DETROIT LIONS! (Sorry about those Golden Bears of Berkeley)


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