Monday, December 24, 2012

December 23rd, 2012

There was a big turn out for the last A Course tournament of the year.  Bag Tags were on the line and people were revved up to play.  There were 3 cards and 11 or 12 paid customers. 

Prior to tournament Sir Parkwhether (Matthew) announced that we have money in the club fund, we usually pay membership dues each year, and he posed the question of getting some hot stamped discs for our new membership dues.  JimmerMcJimmerson announced that he is going to order new bag tags.  We should have a meeting sometime in January.  Also, Davey D (with Rye Bread in mind) told folks to pencil in the first leg of the 2013 Coast Cup for the weekend of February 2nd and 3rd at Lake Mendocino. 

Light North/NorthWest Wind = pretty good conditions but it was wet (on the ground) and a little rain in the air at times.  G shot a great round shooting 9 under (7 under his handicap) to take the coveted paper slips (money) while Jake Tupper shot  -8 (6 under his handicap) to seal up 2nd place.  This writer (Davey D) shot the round of the day (12 under) to take home the womb broom (number 1 tag). 

There were many CTP prizes such as:  discs, flags, and rits crackers.  Winners of the CTP prizes were:  Hawk, G, Jeremy, Jim, Tups, and Ian (anybody else?). 

I will take the coveted womb broom to Tucson, Arizona (my sister, brother in law, and nephew live there) and sweep up the desert with it as I teach the desert rats how to play disc golf...mendo style. 

I will see y'all next year (Sunday January 6th to be exact).  Happy Frolfing1

Davey D   

Sunday, December 23, 2012

End of the World- Sunday tourney

Well, the end of the world turned out to be just about as eventful as Y2K- I guess thats a good thing.  Hopefully we can take a break from the world ending for a few years.  One thing that is ending is the year 2012.  This means a lot of things in the disc golf world- new bag tags, new memberships, etc.  I am considering getting a order of hotstamped discs for our 2013 membership package- I would love some input on what the design should be.
  Today is also the final A course round of the month, meaning the last bag tag challenge of the year.  Lets all get out and do this thing. Also, I encourage everyone to get into the christmas spirit and bring a CTP or several to make sure we are all winners today.
Finally, anyone know why our blog is suddenly getting spammed? Can anyone do anything to stop it? I don't really want to buy male enhancement products from peru...
(BTW I learned where the phrase spammed came from if anyone is curious)