Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday Tournament

Aloha frolfers and frolfettes,
I am writing today as a form of penance.  It has been much too long since I babbled away on the MCFC blog and I have chosen to dedicate the next few moments of my life as punishment for my lack of attention to the Mendocino Coast Frolf Community.

Dispatch from 9/2/2012 Mendocino High School Disc Golf Course:
-Attendance: 12
-Conditions: Steady NNW wind 10-20 kts. with sporadic gusts.  sunny and warm
-Stakes: Tournament Handicapped Victory; Ace Pot; All-Who-Want-In Bag-Tag Challenge

There are many stories to tell this sunday but as my truck is parked in 2-hour parking outside of the office, I will tell them as briefly as possible.

1) Wip shoots -8 and wins the dough with -10? handicapped.  hell of a round.  It was windier than it looked and was a "men from the boys" sort of a day.  The wind could help if you knew how or it could crush you if you didn't.  Wip did and crushed the field.  Second place went to Tupper.  He only said, "Really, that's not fair" a few times and left enough room to birdie hard at the end and secure second.

2) Jeremy hits the Ace pot.  "Really?  Jeremy?  You can't expect me to believe that Jeremy hit an ace during a disc golf round.  Preposterous.  Oh, right, THAT Jeremy.  He always aces." said the unamed imaginary witness. 

3) Davey D out plays the field for the overall win and the scooping of the #1 tag.  Erin shot an admirable -12 but Davey Deesnuts Steinry nailed down the victory with a -13.  Not too shaby for just a city boy, born and raised somewhere out near Detroit.  Who took the midnight train going A-NY-WHERE. 

Nice Tourney Boys and I look forward to next weeks installment of DiscsOnIce


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

fort bragg course sponsor disc artwork

hi guys
As part of the sponsor program for improving the fort bragg course i was planning on getting some custom discs for all the sponsors. Gateway just offered a deal and i decided to snatch it up so we will be getting 50 custom discs and 50 custom minis, i was hoping we might be able to find/create a original piece of art  for these discs, something that positively recognizes fort bragg and clearly states fort bragg college of the redwoods disc golf course sponsor. I've been having trouble thinking of what that image would be as we don't really have many distinguishing features on the course, so i was thinking outside the box at anything that represented fort bragg like ocean waves, abalone... anything that might be relevant to fort bragg. so im looking for ideas and or artwork, all the usual limitations apply as it is to be hot stamped is need to be a clear image. maybe we could get Erins talented mom to come up with something again?
anywho  what all yall think