Wednesday, September 5, 2012

fort bragg course sponsor disc artwork

hi guys
As part of the sponsor program for improving the fort bragg course i was planning on getting some custom discs for all the sponsors. Gateway just offered a deal and i decided to snatch it up so we will be getting 50 custom discs and 50 custom minis, i was hoping we might be able to find/create a original piece of art  for these discs, something that positively recognizes fort bragg and clearly states fort bragg college of the redwoods disc golf course sponsor. I've been having trouble thinking of what that image would be as we don't really have many distinguishing features on the course, so i was thinking outside the box at anything that represented fort bragg like ocean waves, abalone... anything that might be relevant to fort bragg. so im looking for ideas and or artwork, all the usual limitations apply as it is to be hot stamped is need to be a clear image. maybe we could get Erins talented mom to come up with something again?
anywho  what all yall think


  1. The crowd chants: Happy Headband, Happy Headband, Happy Headband. For those of you reading this who have never met Happy Headband he is somewhat of a legend...actual he is a piece of artwork that a Fort Bragg High School student did when we were deciding/voting on our logo. If you want to meet him just ask me. Dirka, thanks for the energy and effort towards this. MCFC chants: Hemmies' Mom, Hemmies' Mom, Hemmies' Mom! I like the idea of an abalone surfing on a redwood tree with a bottle of Fort Bragg beer (maybe a Scrim) and a sunset in the background and maybe College of the Redwoods in the background.

    Davey D

  2. Happy Headband! I am with DaveyD! Good work down there MCFC.

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  4. The Fort Bragg Bridge is a recognizable land mark and you could make the supports of the bridge look like baskets, with a surfing abalone w/beer and redwood board in the background.... Or just the first part. I guess that does not represent the college, just the town.

    Hole one could have a artistic rendition done and be recognizable as well. But it will no longer be hole one, or will it?

  5. hi guys i was at the goldpan. Lets just say i felt i could of done better. i am home and ready to put some more effort into this project so look for more improvements in the near future at the fort bragg course. i would absolutely love any help in these endeavors. Anyone who wants to help please call me. gateway is contacting me requesting the artwork, so i will be trying to get that together soon. we should be able to get a dog poop bag dispenser and some signs and proper ob line markers, really soon, as well as more new tees and baskets. anyways hope you are all having a good day

  6. i put a link to the sponsorship form on the blog so anyone could print it out and try to get sponsors