Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Last 2 Weeks, Today, Dan, and the changing of the guard!

3 Weeks ago = MCFC played the B Course and ParkWeather took the crown. 

2 Weeks ago = C Course was played and I think Jake Tups won but I am not positive. 

Today = Traditional A course was played on a cold, windy, foggy Mendo Coast day.  There were 8 players, 2 cards, and a lot of ace runs including MateoWeather hitting the gym on hole 8 and rolled within feet of doing the rolly mcrollerton shot.  Also, on this hole Rye Bread hit the basket.  2nd place was Rye Bread shooting 9 under (4 under his handi).  1st place goes to  lieutenant/farmer/Boonville Dan shooting 6 under (5 under his handicap). 

Changing of the guard = I would like to congratulate Erin Hemulous Hemmings for keeping the number 1 bag tag for all of 2012 until this day (is this accurate)?  That is quite a stretch!  Going into hole 18 I didn't know my score but I knew I was close to Rye Bread and Hemmies.  After Rye Bread split the up rights and I split the uprights I thought to myself (well, if I beat Hemmies by a stroke and tie Bread I will get the number 1 womb broom tag).  Well, of course Bread hits his birdie and I hit my drop in birdie.  Bread and I tied beating out King Hemmies by 1 stroke but I forgot (Bread soon let me know) that going into the day he had number 4 and I had number 5...shit I thought and said to myself...dam that one stroke. 

Congrats to Dan the Man and Rye Bread!

Davey D

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  1. I updated the bag tag list...if there are any corrections feel free to change it!

    Davey D