Friday, August 3, 2012

Boontfling Brewery Bash Begets Brilliant Birdies!!!

--BOONVILLE, CA   Intrepid coastal frolfers flocked to the yearly Boontfling disc golf tournament knowing what to expect:  delicious brews, fabulous frolf, killer payouts, and terrific showings from the MCFC!  This reporter only has limited knowledge of the final results, so everyone please fill in the gaps.

~Single-digit-weather and Bread take 7th in Am1, with excellent under-par rounds on the final day, overcoming untold obstacles!
~D-Money leads AM1 for the first two rounds and finishes somewhere around 3rd, 4th, 5th?
~Davey-D improves on his 3rd-place AM1 finish last year with a 5-under final round and 2nd place.
~Dirty Dan-the-Man shoots probably the best Sunday round on the course--9 under!!--and takes the AM1s handily, setting a new standard for how to play on the lead card!  He's already vowed to bump up to the open division next year.  Clearly he has the shots for that course!
~Jason repeats in GrandMasters division, and achieves the incomparable BEER FOR LIFE FOR LIFE!!!!!
~Erin takes third in the Open division, which probably would have been a second if not for a course management issue at the end.  We all eagerly await the day he finally slays the Dallas monster!
~Brady makes an ace for the second year in a row!  Damn dude!  Did everyone PAY that man??
~Other MCFCers, including Wip, Hawk, G, Nate, Brun, Craig, Tup, and others do amazing things that I was not aware of!!!
~Jim has too many balls in the air to relax and enjoy the weekend, and craps bed on course!  Playing partners show patience and unspoken pity!

Thanks to Krash and the AVBC for the killer partay!  May next year come soon... I'm already ready for redemption!!


  1. Please correct/add/adjust/add jokes.

  2. I BEAT JAKE TUPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Wip

  3. I think this was the first year and first tournament that I beat RyeBeerBread and BeerWeather in drinking! On Saturday night I forgot to have dinner...I mean I had beer for dinner and let's just say that Sunday morning those 3 evil numbers (999 = you didn't finish the tournament) crept in my head but after a dip in the river/creek I was refreshed and awakened. Thanks to everyone who made the weekend fun except Dan who won/took/stole my beer for life (LOL = Laugh out Loud and COL = Cry Out Loud)!

    Davey D

  4. Davey D, you definitely won the "Most Fun Had On A Saturday Night" award! I was trying my best to get on your level, to no avail. Can't wait for Boontfling 2013!!!!!!!!! And did I mention, MCFC!!!!!!!!

  5. I faintly remember a disc golf tourney at the brewery... I would like to petition for that "most fun had on a saturday night" award. I think it would be a very subjective judging process. All hail the beer for life (for life) winners. All hail the beer for a while winners. All hail the IPA!

  6. Hey anyone else notice the beer backdrop for our website??? Nice touch.
    Thanks for a great weekend and especially the B-loads Sunday morning which help propel me to my best ever round in boonville!