Sunday, July 22, 2012

June 15=C Course Wins and June 22=Tups

Last Sunday June 15, 2012 the Mendocino Coast Frolf Club played C course and noone shot under par.  I forgot who won but many players were disappointed on their play.  Today June 22, 2012 a windy A Course was played and several people shot under par.  Jacob Tups won shooting -4 (7 under his handicap).  Raydin came in second place and generously donated his winnings to the MCFC.  The ace pot which was at $65 was raped and pillaged by Erin Hemulous when he smacked the chains on hole 13.  I didn't see this shot but I heard it was a flick right at it.  FYI-next week the MCFC will take its talents to Boonville to play the Boontfling.  Let's go MCFC...let's kick some Valley Ass! 



  1. It should be stated that Alex won tournament on June 15th C Course and SplattysWeather was at the bar before the other groups finished the round...well, at least a cold beer was waiting for me.


  2. Booneville tomorrow, wed. Any takers?

  3. BOONTFLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jimmy,
    Can you or someone else (if anyone else has a picture) post a picture of Dan (1st place Am 1) or J-Cobb (repeat winner of Masters). Although I love seeing my picture on the blog I guess it is time for greatness to fall. Boontfling was AWESOME...I had soooo much fun and the MFing Coast represented! GO MCFC.

    Davey D

  5. I have the perfect pic of Dan. I can email it to anybody who is able to post it.