Friday, April 30, 2010

4-25 Scores

Wow, thats a pretty comprehensive piece on dyeing discs Erin- Deserves some serious consideration-
Meanwhile- here are the scores from last week-
Roy 8
Greg 1
Vince 1
Jim -7
Jeremy 0
Matthew 1
Ryan -1
Nate 2
rusty 7
Johnny Q 3
UTM -2
AJ -7
Davey -6

AJ wins the tourney in a Boat Race- 2 weeks in a row.
Jim ace's hole 4, gets alot of $.
5 way tie for second place, playoff goes to Jim.

I am going to be out of town this weekend- could someone update the handis and bring them Sunday?

BTW- we had several votes of the 13 of us before the round- 4:00 beat 5:00 and 4:30. Its is hard to exclude anyone but with the amount of people who are in our club it seems impossible to find a time good for everyone. It seems for the majority of the people, earlier is better- 4:00 is pushing it already for many.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Showdown at the KOA Corral!

Speaking of getting everyone psyched for Willits--which I will not be able to attend this year, due to the impending addition to our family--there was a duel OK-Corral-KOA style on Friday which just begs for story-telling!

Davey, myself, Arvin and Jakey met up in Willits on Friday, a beautiful early afternoon of sun and strong wind. When we started out, I thought we had agreed to throw all the bag tags in the middle, but I discovered at the end that only Davey thought he was playing for his tag. So Dave and I went mano-a-mano, and it was a match for the ages! I didn't follow AJ and Jake's scores too well, but I can recount the duel of D vs J (for those of you not interested in boring hole-by-hole descriptions, please skip ahead):

We both birdied one and parred two and three. Warming up. On four, my drive looked good, and Dave's back must be all better, bc he drove it farther up that hill than I've ever seen him do. It might have been an ace run, but hit the right target tree, and rolled down the hill. My drive ended up pretty parked, so I birdied, he parred. He birdied 5, I parred. We both birdied 6, the pond hole (mine was about three feet away...!), and parred the uphill 7. I birdied 8 and parred 9, while Davey parred 8 and bogied 9 (first shot into the bush on the right), leaving me with a 2-shot lead after 9 at 4 under to 2 under.

The back nine was crazy. We both birdied a left-pin 10, me with an anhyzer, Davey with a flick. On 11, back left pin, I had what looked to be a perfect throw, while Dave hit the forward tree on the right, well short. Then one of the turning points of the match. Davey had a downhill putt of about 60 feet, and damn if he didn't sink it! My great throw must have rolled out, and I parred. One shot lead. We both par 12, and I miss a makable birdie putt on 13, we both par. And then came hole 14. Sharply sidehill hole through trees, with the big right-to-left wind. Davey takes out his Banshee, and I think "Mistake. That thing will skip, and with the wind and the dirt landing up there, it will be way down the hill in the blink of an eye." He throws it, and immediately says "Oh no." I watch it coming right to left quickly and think "Yup, just as I thought", and then it disappears from view, going toward the basket very fast, and then we hear: CHAINS!! AJ and Jake were both spotting, and immediately start jumping up and down! ACE FOR DAVEY ON 14!!! And as I'm jumping on him and pushing him around, I am also thinking, "No way. No F-ing way. I've got to convert to Judaism. It's got to be the religion. The guy has karma like no other." I've chained out of ace-runs going half the speed that throw had. And if it doesn't hit the basket, he's lucky to find it again (think of the color of that disc), much less make par. Instead, he takes a one-shot lead. I par.

We both par a very windy 15. On 16, Davey throws a standard power Destroyer shot right at it, and leaves himself a 15-footer for bird. Damnit. I take my beat-up Starfire and play a shot I've come to like on windy days on this hole--throw it well left of the basket with a pretty strong anhyzer, and let the wind work for you. The pepto-colored disc rides the wind like it was a trained stallion, comes right in at the basket, the stability puts on the brakes, and the thing BARELY misses the ace! It ends up two feet beyond the hole, on the opposite side! I'm telling you, I think Judaism would have dropped that disc right in. We both birdie the hole. Hole 17, Davey hits the big tree trunk on the right, I hit a high branch even shorter than that. My upshot isn't great, leaving me an uphill twenty-five footer for par. Davey's upshot is better, leaving him about 15 feet beyond the hole. I sink the putt! Davey, visibly rattled (ok, maybe only in my mind), misses the par putt, leaving us all square going to 18! I take out my Comet, and send it out. The wind doesn't give it quite enough help, but it leaves me a chance for birdie, settling at the base of the final mound. Dave's driver shot was a bit outside of me. He parks the second shot to assure his par, forcing me to birdie to take his #2 tag. I line up the putt. Very tough. Twenty-five feet or so, straight uphill, with a strong tailwind. Very tough to get this high enough. I pick my target well above the basket, and let it fly. It takes a piece of the top of the basket, and flutters harmlessly to the ground. The bag tag challenge ends in a tie. And as we all know, tie goes to the runner (or current owner). We played a playoff hole to settle the group's money issue, and Davey had a crazy skip on a very windy hole 1 to park that as well. It was clear, Davey had sold his soul to the Devil, or to Yahweh.

The final tally? I think AJ came out ahead of Jakey a bit, and after a solid even par on the front, posted a 4 over on the windy back side. But since I wasn't clear enough about calling him out, he held on to his #3 tag. Jim shoots a bogie-free 6 under, without any lucky breaks or bounces. One of the most controlled rounds of my life. Davey also shoots a 6 under, with two bogies, a crazy 60-foot putt he was probably just trying to park, and an ace which could just as easily have been a double-bogie or resulted in the loss of his beloved Banshee for all time. Somehow he still clings desperately to that #2 tag.

And I'm not bitter. No really. Seriously.

Monday, April 19, 2010

1. Arvin to the J and 2. It's good to be back!

Sunday the 18th day of April of the year 2010 saw 8 flimsy, fun, frolfers take aim at victory. This day also saw the return of yours truly, Davey D, take the mic stand once again recovering nicely from my bulging disc (disc as in back not disc as in a Destroyer). There was quite a few challenges and competitions on this day. Besides the tourney there was a 5 way bag tag challenge with moi, Parksy, Helldride, Hemulous, and the Arvin. On to tourney...the group that I was in was me, Jimmy, HemHaw, and Parksy (with Blake joining in). The other group was Mr. Epic, G Money, Arvin, and Vinchenzo. I must say that in our group it was very competitive and we all made good shots and we all missed some easy ones. After 9 me, Jimmy, and Parks were 5 under and Hemulous was 6 under. The ending scores were me and HemHaw 9 under, Parks 7 under, and Helldridge 6 under. I think the highlights for me were my birdie putt on 16, HemHaw and Jimmy's birdies on 14, the way Parksy has been playing over the past month, and everyone going through the uprights on hole 18 with 3 birdys and 1 par. The number 1 tag was still in contention and after I split the uprights on "Top o the World" and HemHaw missing it many thought this chapter was concluded but Hems found a way to par out and I found a way to miss my long putt. I guess it was destiny for the Hems to get the NUMBER 1 tag back because he hit his putt on hole 8 and I hit the basket and missed...oh well, at least I have 2. CONGRATS to Arvin who shot 8 under and 7 under his handicap just squeking by Parks who shot 6 under his handi. Once again, it was good to be back playing again. Here are the scores that I remember...can someone post the rest of the scores?

Edit by Matthew:

Here's more scores- i don't have the scorecard with Blake's score on it anyone have it?

Hems: -9
CTDavey: -9
ArvinJ: -8
Parksy: -7
Helldrigde: -6
GMoney: 0
Mr. Epic: 0
Chenzo: 2
Blayke: ?


Sunday, April 18, 2010

4 PM Start, Last weeks scores

Hello Frolfland,

The scores from last week were as follows-

Erin -6 (winner)
Jeremy +4
Lindz +12
Nate +12
Greg +3 (second place)
A.J. +3
Matthew DQed (for being to late)

Scores were not entered in to Handis as no one scored under their Handi.

We decided to change the start time to 4 Pm today. I think we can keep that time until winter...

See ya on the course!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Feather River Open, My Back, and Our Logo!


So, 3 weeks have gone by since the Feather River Open and I still have dreams of my hole in one, Jody's 1st place victory, Hemmings -7 under round, Dirka and Brody going head to head and tying for 15th place (earning plastic), our semi-debaucherous road trip to Chico and The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, the sun, the wind, the intensity of 4 rounds and a doubles round, the disc golf course along the feather river, the skateboarding dog, and Oroville. I think that says it all except the fact after my third round (bogey free -5 under round...I was in 5th place after the round) I tweaked my back (lower back disc nerve stuff).

All and all it was a fun time/tournament. I must say that it was an intense weekend of discgolf...2 rounds on Saturday and 2 rounds on Sunday in the elements. I haven't played in 3 weeks and I am jonsing...I met with the Physical Therapist on Friday and I have a stretching routine that I have been following. My back feels much better and I am going to get out there soon. Erin, Brodys, and Dirka--add your take on the Feather River Open.

So, when and how are we going to put our logo on discs? What is the action plan? As far as discs I think we should put our logo on a Firebird, Destroyer, something flippy/understable, and an aviar putter? I know we voted on this on the blog but for some reason I don't think the votes are accurate...maybe we should have anohter vote?? I was thinking that we could sell some of these discs at Willits...just a thought.

I still haven't given the high school artists any money...I think we decided that we were going to give the artist who did the Happy Headband $25...what do people think? NateDizzleDog, do you still have the art entries from the high school floating around the lumber yard somewhere?

I hope everyone is doing well.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UTM Prevails!

In a rough and tumble round which somehow managed to take 3 solid hours to complete, the one and only Uncle Travelin' Matt came out on top, with a score of 1 under his handi! Great work Unc! Three went to the top o' th' world to prove their worthiness to possess the second place prize at even par after handi: Bread of Rye (nice to have Daddy Ryan back in the fold!), Nate Dizzle, whose handicap was unclear but who went up nonetheless, and yours truly. I got off a worthy effort and split the uprights for a birdie and the prize. It was a fine afternoon, good company all around, and all was right with the world.

Oh, and the #1 tag was pried out of Erin's death grip for the first time ever. ;-)

And the scores...

Greg +4
Jeremy +6
Ryan -1
Matthew +2
Nate +6
Lindz +7
UTM -1
Jim -6
Erin -5


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ice Bowl Video Is Here

Video Footage of the 2010 Cary Letsinger Memorial Ice Bowl

Not sure how I managed to get his on here, but here it is. A miracle. Special thanks to MCTV, and to David for scoring this footage for us! Good times.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Parkahontas takes the pot

Yes, that's right. With strong south winds picking up throughout the evening, Matthew "I-Don't-Actually-Know-Matthew's-Real-Last-Name" kept his nose to the grindstone and pulled out a stellar -7, 7 under his handicap. Right on. In the same group, Jim impressed us all, following up last week's win with this week's second place (though he did have to fight Vince for it from the top of the world). It was a great tourney 12 frolfers strong, and it would be great if someone posted scores, and updated handis.

And how about a recap of the Feather River Open? Highs? Lows? Mediums? I know there are highlights guys...

And the scores were-

Lindsey +9
Jeremy +3
Matthew -7
Jim -8
Rusty +10
Roy +4
AJ -2
Vince -1
Josh +10
Blake +6
Johnny Q +1
Matt (Travelling) +1