Monday, April 19, 2010

1. Arvin to the J and 2. It's good to be back!

Sunday the 18th day of April of the year 2010 saw 8 flimsy, fun, frolfers take aim at victory. This day also saw the return of yours truly, Davey D, take the mic stand once again recovering nicely from my bulging disc (disc as in back not disc as in a Destroyer). There was quite a few challenges and competitions on this day. Besides the tourney there was a 5 way bag tag challenge with moi, Parksy, Helldride, Hemulous, and the Arvin. On to tourney...the group that I was in was me, Jimmy, HemHaw, and Parksy (with Blake joining in). The other group was Mr. Epic, G Money, Arvin, and Vinchenzo. I must say that in our group it was very competitive and we all made good shots and we all missed some easy ones. After 9 me, Jimmy, and Parks were 5 under and Hemulous was 6 under. The ending scores were me and HemHaw 9 under, Parks 7 under, and Helldridge 6 under. I think the highlights for me were my birdie putt on 16, HemHaw and Jimmy's birdies on 14, the way Parksy has been playing over the past month, and everyone going through the uprights on hole 18 with 3 birdys and 1 par. The number 1 tag was still in contention and after I split the uprights on "Top o the World" and HemHaw missing it many thought this chapter was concluded but Hems found a way to par out and I found a way to miss my long putt. I guess it was destiny for the Hems to get the NUMBER 1 tag back because he hit his putt on hole 8 and I hit the basket and missed...oh well, at least I have 2. CONGRATS to Arvin who shot 8 under and 7 under his handicap just squeking by Parks who shot 6 under his handi. Once again, it was good to be back playing again. Here are the scores that I remember...can someone post the rest of the scores?

Edit by Matthew:

Here's more scores- i don't have the scorecard with Blake's score on it anyone have it?

Hems: -9
CTDavey: -9
ArvinJ: -8
Parksy: -7
Helldrigde: -6
GMoney: 0
Mr. Epic: 0
Chenzo: 2
Blayke: ?



  1. nice shooting everyone, sorry i missed it , me and utm and slim(who you will all meet at willitts) went to the motherload tourney in grass valley,, extremely well run and fun the tourney actually payed out like 140% of the entries, cause they use $ from ctp contests and raffles to pad the payouts. utm had his best tourney performance winning 20$ in a tie for 4th in rec. i won 90$ taking 7th and feeling like a could of done a lot better, which i liked cause i feel like i can compete with these folks in am2, excellent courses very challenging, tons of trees , small windows, tunnels, motes, islands, volcanoes, grass/penn valley is worth the trip.

    as for the KOA i got three big spots reserved i stopped by there today and i think they will be great spots so whos all in lets get a count going, so far i think its
    utm and slim
    i hear daddy magee is coming?
    any one else
    aj, vince , get registered ,
    maybe dylan i hear too

    we got electricity so bring lights and fun good times stuff

  2. Great job guys! I just signed up for KOA so I'm in. Anyone who has registered go to and you can sign up online, its a cinch.

  3. MFC!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please sign up for the KOA ASAP! From what I see people love the tourney and spots are filling up quick. Don't wait till you have to be put on a waiting list because you won't get in. Trust me I tried that last year :) Anyway, the MFC is freaking rad and we need to represent in our territory. We played willits today and D roc shot a stellar three under! I shot a two over because I double bogeyed 16. :P Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing being back and playing sundays with you all in mendo again! If anyone wants to go practice willits over this next month in preparation let me know because i'm in! :) By the way, those are some freaking amazing scores you all threw down today! WOW! That is what is going to make the MFC look good at the KOA! Go MFC! I'm ready for some bag tag challenging! I have number 12 so don't be surprised if I challenge you if your number is close to mine and lower :) You all rock! MFCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. yeah erin getting signed up for the auburn open your arm will come in handy , but lots of trees too, win us a mini basket too