Sunday, July 24, 2011


What up fools? Well, the daveymiester (Davey D, RapMasterFlex, Beastie Boy Number 4, The Great White Hope, The Dentist) makes his return on a foggy day where the Mendo Frolf Club (opps, I mean the MCFC) decided to mix things up and play a B round. What balls! I love it! I love it so much I am actually posting on the day of of the match...who won last week? I don't know because people are too lazy to flex their finger muscles...I am looking for some agression and for people to at least to tell me to fuck off (I might regret this tomorrow). Question? Was this the first time tourney played other than "A" course? We voted on this a while ago and now we are fruiting this objecive...once again-I LOVE IT! By the way where is the number 2 tag...oh, Dirka has it and probably won't be showing his face for a while. Dirka, my gimpy self with my gimpy arm officially challenges you on the interweb? BAM, let it be known...I want that number 2 tag.

Anyways, on to the frolf! My card consisted of: Moi (french for me), Dizzle Dog (Slang for Nate), J-Clapp, and Craig. J-Clapp and I were battling the whole match while Nate Dog knocked down 2 - 70 foot putts but somehow managed to shoot over his handicap (but had the 2 best shots of our card). I eeeeked out Clapp by 2 strokes shooting a respectable even round for my first round back from a gnarley rotator cuff/shoulder/arm injury. J (fresh off an injuruy but before that WORLDS MASTERS TOUR) shot a 2 up (1 over his handicap) took our card and 3rd place.

The real story here is Mr. B-Weather Starksalot Parkwheather who shot an impressive 2 under...winning the tourney and tieing our very own pro player Hemsalot Hemweather. Nice win BcourseWeather!

The other real story here is who is playing in next week's BOONTFLING?

I love y'all! It's good to be back!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Moon Fever

I talked to Derrick today and found out there is full moon night round tonight at 9:00 Pm at the fort bragg course (our new home course) Bring money, glow discs and lights and a stick to push the drunks passed out in the bushes off your errant drive. I am planning to be there and win. BTW- I thought that the name change was a joke till I noticed the blog was now called "FBFC". Well I am a little bummed because I had a brainstorm for a new logo that was based on the letter "M". How about the "CR2" club (college of the redwoods chain ringers) or the HDDH? (harbor drive disc huckers) Just an idea. I do think we should include the mendo course some how. How about the FBFCOYASGFMT? (fort bragg frolf club, oh yeah and some guys from mendocino too)


Oh yeah and how about this Fort Bragg picture for the new backdrop of our website:

Monday, July 4, 2011


Sign up for this years Boontfling Disc Golf Tournament July 30-31.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunday Recap

Sunday the 26th of June marked a first for our small club tournaments. There was a unprecedented 7 way tie for first!! A minus two handicap score was recorded for Jim, AJ, Nate, Vince, Matthew, Erin, & Wip. The previously famous decider 'Top of the world' has been axed in favor of the difficult but more fair number 11 gap shot. This new playoff hole proved effective in eliminating five of the seven, leaving just Wip and Jim with birdies and onto twelves tee pad. Both made good drives but were 30' short. Jim made his putt dead center, and Wip who seldom misses putts inside 30, missed low.