Monday, July 4, 2011


Sign up for this years Boontfling Disc Golf Tournament July 30-31.


  1. Hemmies,

    Awesome picture and thanks for posting information about the Boontfling! How did Sunday go? I heard it was windy and Hemmies shot 13 under...Wow...maybe Hemmies should go Pro or something. I think/hope I am almost healed and back. I have been throwing in the backyard and not feeling any pain. I need to take some full powered drives and see what happens...hopefully my arm won't fall off.


  2. P.S. There was no Bizarro disc golf club in the parade this year...I guess they got our message over the last couple of years. Recap: 1. 2 years ago our very own (at the time) Tommy chased them down after the parade (or maybe during) and asked them who they were and where their course is, 2. Last year we first berated them and then proceeded to beg them to reveal their secret course.

    I guess they heard about our idea to fire a missile rocket ship at them and jump on them from the top of Anderson's Alternatives with our Ninja Chinese Star mini discs. Well just in case they showed up, I made a sign (Renee and Shalala helped) indicating who the real disc golf club was but then Renee pointed out that we have professional bag tags, shirts, hoodies, and a club but a sign made out of torn cardboard that I found in the back of the wood shop...well I guess it is a good thing they didn't show...dammit!


  3. I just read it's almost full and that am 2 is full. Better get signed up peeps

  4. There's night golf on sat too