Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Moon Fever

I talked to Derrick today and found out there is full moon night round tonight at 9:00 Pm at the fort bragg course (our new home course) Bring money, glow discs and lights and a stick to push the drunks passed out in the bushes off your errant drive. I am planning to be there and win. BTW- I thought that the name change was a joke till I noticed the blog was now called "FBFC". Well I am a little bummed because I had a brainstorm for a new logo that was based on the letter "M". How about the "CR2" club (college of the redwoods chain ringers) or the HDDH? (harbor drive disc huckers) Just an idea. I do think we should include the mendo course some how. How about the FBFCOYASGFMT? (fort bragg frolf club, oh yeah and some guys from mendocino too)


Oh yeah and how about this Fort Bragg picture for the new backdrop of our website:


  1. ha ha funny, who did that? read this post and come out for night golf

  2. Who won on Sunday? Who came in Second? Who won on Full Moon Frolic? Aces?