Friday, May 18, 2012

Meeting held, scores updated

The club held a meeting last night.  We ate pizza, drank beer, gave money to my kids and talked about disc golf.   I will write up a summary soon.  Also I updated B course handi's and the who scored what page.  Chris- I fixed your score.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick update-

Hey y'all - just wanted to give the heads up that there will be a club meeting this thursday 5:30 at the pizza factory.  We can talk about whatever, but I think the main topix include where to put concrete tee's in FB, whats up with the pro-am, a possible high/low cap to handi's, etc.  This is your chance to have your say in your club.  If you have a strong feeling about something but can't make it, tell someone who can.
In other news, last week Erin won tuesday pm doubles playing by himself.  Alex V won sunday C course tourney shooting 4 under his handi.  Derrick and myself tied for 2nd, and Derrick beat me in a playoff.  Doubles tonight at 5:30, FB.  PEACE!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mendo, Buddha Tree, Masters Cup, and Frolfity Frolf Frolf!

Well, where to start?  So, on 4/22/12 C course was played and Craig Mack took the title shooting 80 under his handicap.  On 4/29/12 a windy A course was played and Hemmersons won!  The weekend of Cinco de Mayo some frolfers went to Lake County, some went to Masters Cup in Santa Cruz, and some went to Humboldt County to play the Buddha Tree.  It so happens that this writer went to Buddha Tree and had an awesome time and there was actual some good competition.  Dallas, Jerry Eshelman, Erin Hemmings, Jesse Williams, and the course designer (among many others) played Open/Pro and our very own Hemmersons took 9th place putting him in the money winning $55.  Dallas and Jesse Williams tied for 1st and Jesse won in a playoff.  Am-1 was flooded with talent including Mendonesians/Fort Braggarts:  Davey D, ParkWeather, J-Ridge, Rye Bread, and many other Humboldt cats.  I am proud to say I outlasted the wind, sun, and 2 27 hole/7 hour rounds to represent the MCFC and take 2nd place.  It took a 3 hole playoff against an 18 year old cat from Humboldt but Davey (with the support of Sir Spartacus and Senior Rye Bread following me along) prevailed and I won $107.50 in script.  Besides the frolf it was an awesome time filled with drink, cheer, dice, shotgunning beers(or ramming if your from Humboldt County), pinata blasting, getting fed for free, and dancing to "The Rammanators" (a local band).  I believe in our own local tournament B course was played and Vinny came out on top.  There ya have it.  Happy Frolfing!