Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mendo, Buddha Tree, Masters Cup, and Frolfity Frolf Frolf!

Well, where to start?  So, on 4/22/12 C course was played and Craig Mack took the title shooting 80 under his handicap.  On 4/29/12 a windy A course was played and Hemmersons won!  The weekend of Cinco de Mayo some frolfers went to Lake County, some went to Masters Cup in Santa Cruz, and some went to Humboldt County to play the Buddha Tree.  It so happens that this writer went to Buddha Tree and had an awesome time and there was actual some good competition.  Dallas, Jerry Eshelman, Erin Hemmings, Jesse Williams, and the course designer (among many others) played Open/Pro and our very own Hemmersons took 9th place putting him in the money winning $55.  Dallas and Jesse Williams tied for 1st and Jesse won in a playoff.  Am-1 was flooded with talent including Mendonesians/Fort Braggarts:  Davey D, ParkWeather, J-Ridge, Rye Bread, and many other Humboldt cats.  I am proud to say I outlasted the wind, sun, and 2 27 hole/7 hour rounds to represent the MCFC and take 2nd place.  It took a 3 hole playoff against an 18 year old cat from Humboldt but Davey (with the support of Sir Spartacus and Senior Rye Bread following me along) prevailed and I won $107.50 in script.  Besides the frolf it was an awesome time filled with drink, cheer, dice, shotgunning beers(or ramming if your from Humboldt County), pinata blasting, getting fed for free, and dancing to "The Rammanators" (a local band).  I believe in our own local tournament B course was played and Vinny came out on top.  There ya have it.  Happy Frolfing!



  1. Oh, also, Dirka played Masters did you do Dirka?

    Davey D

  2. so me and jason went to the masters cupp n santa cruz at de la veaga. to me this course is what disc golf is all about, it was one round of 27 each day for 3 days. the first 2 days shooting 1 over par was like a 1000 rated round, everything was put in the hard positions. very challenging to say the least. i came out the first day with 14 over par . i felt defeated and like i had been kicked in da nuts repeatedly,i played with peter mcbride a 16? year old sponsored dga team member. this kid is good. he threw what turned out to be a great round even though he messed up quite a bit, so my score compared to his was terrible ,but when i got in and heard all the other scores i realized i didnt shoot as bad as i had thought . turned out to be rated well over my current player rating which im trying to get up so i was content.

    the next day i started out hot and by hole 12 where i was 12 over the day before i was 2 over. feeling good, after like a 20 min wait to tee on 12 i decided to go for it over the canyon of death trough the window in the trees. i launched my pro katana and it was going good on my line then it hit a wind bump and bumped up like 15 feet right into a 6 inch diameter limb that was clear above and below it, dropped bad in brush took me three throws to get to the basket and wound up with a 5 which really could of been worse on this difficult hole, so i was feeling pretty good bout it and then stepped up to hole 13 locally known as I5 really long and the tucked into trees pretty deep a great golf hole. you really need to play for position on this hole. anyways i got another 5 and then like 3 more 4s in a row. but i finished the top of the world shot with a three and had only 11 over this day a small improvement but something to hold on too. we ll this was cinco de mayo and the boys hit it hard, tequila shots on the beach 3 bucks WHAT??!! me brett krisy and krash and elec got trashed and rode bikes and generally lived it up fairly late into the evening.

    So the last day they moved 10 of the baskets to easier positions, i felt cleansed from my night of partying. i was playing good and confident. making my 25 footers and hitting my lines i played this round with our state amateur champ kyle normand ,nice guy very quite and focused, hell of a golfer, and i was keeping up with him for some time well UNDER PAR by hole 12 kinda stuggled a bit through the middle, but really held on after our 25 min wait at 20, a beautiful wizard up shot on twenty to save par. birdy on 21 that eluded me all weekend,22 got me with a bogey but i made it up and over the hill with all pars to finish 2 over, one of the best tourney rounds for me to date and it felt good, this tourney is a must hit, we found a campground nearby that is fairly inexpensive , and the course is world class for sure. i highly recommend the masters cup, oh did i mention that our players pack included a masters cup folding chair a nice t shirt a full color steady ed print undertow i think and a sparkle undertow and a full color mini, pretty fat players pack offset the fact that it is a trophy only tourney 1,2,3 got sweet trophys much like the one we have for the coast cup. and top 15 in am 1 got trophy bag tags. i dont mind no payout personally cause of the sweet players packs and just playing that course in that tourney is soooo worth it

  3. Dirka,
    Sounds epic (disc golf disc pun intended) especially the part about drinking Tequila on the beach and riding bikes. Nice last round. What is an undertow? Some crazy new disc?


  4. an undertow is a new fairway driver from dga, depending on the plastic like a leopard or a eagle, slightly larger diameter than other drivers