Friday, May 18, 2012

Meeting held, scores updated

The club held a meeting last night.  We ate pizza, drank beer, gave money to my kids and talked about disc golf.   I will write up a summary soon.  Also I updated B course handi's and the who scored what page.  Chris- I fixed your score.


  1. WriteUpMtgNotesWeather,

    Thanks for the summary of the iz da shit. Frolf On!


  2. well ill chime in on a little re-cap:
    one topic discussed was fort bragg course improvements.
    we agreed to spend 1/3 the club funds on fort bragg improvements, 1/3 on mendo, and save 1/3 for club emergency resources.
    The fort bragg course improvement committee plans on meeting soon with a professional concrete worker to decide the best way to lay the concrete and to embed a sponsorship brick/plate, than to move forward with improvements in phases, a plan for phase 1 might include 3 baskets and 3 new tee sleeves, as well as a message board and some new please throw your trash in the garbage cans/ pick up your pet waste signs for the course. i hope we can continually move forward and get the course pimped to our wildest dreams in the near future. i have borrowed and modified another clubs sponsorship forms to use to raise money for this project. anyone who would like copies of these forms or has ideas of possible sponsors, please contact me or another member of the committee.


  3. Sure you like it, your face wasn't brutally cut out of the picture!

  4. By the way, just curious: how much longer do we have to have Davey-making-a-mess-in-his-pants as our backdrop picture?