Thursday, October 27, 2011

5 Under, 7 Under, 10 participants, 3 Aces, Really?

10 players and 3 groups + beautiful conditions = Awesomeness! Groups consisted of Hole 1-Parks, Doggy, Dirka, and Wip. Hole 3-G, Vinny, and JesseChewInHisMouth. Hole 5-DaveD, James, and Hawk. Shortly after start time group 1 exploded in excitement and sure enough AceWeather runs to hole 2 and collects his ace and mentally collects his $100 (not so fast). About a 1/2 hour later we see G jumping up and down for joy for his frolf mate, Vinny...turnover on hole 7 BANG! In a related story, Parkweather starts subtracting his earnings. Me, Jim, and Hawk joked that a person in each group has to get an ace on this day. Well, I through my "Use The Force" disc on 18 and right away I knew it was good and I knew it was going through the uprights. I also knew it was high enough and before I could think anything else ACEEEEEEEEEEEEEE center of the chains. Well, $33.33 each boys! Other highlights in my round including: 1. Hawk parring hole 17 with a 75 foot upshot/putt from close to the basket of 7A and2. Jim and I going back and forth for the victory and number 2 bagtag.

What are chances of 3 aces with 10 players on the B course. We may never see this again in 100 years. I feel like I have been at other big PDGA tournaments where there aren't 3 aces. Well, Hemmies leaves for a week and all hell breaks loose. What does it mean?


Sunday, October 23, 2011

2012 icebowl right around the corner

Yes boys and girls the icebowl is fast approaching. i got big goals for this year. most of all im just hoping to make it bigger and better than last year. More money donated , more food gathered and more fun had by all. I got a good feeling that we will be able to get more golfers out here this year. ive been spreading the word at nor cal tourneys and think at least a few of my buddies out there will make the trip. There is a lot of work to be done and getting a head start is a good idea. so who wants to help. im hoping the club will step up again this year and help raise this years event to another level. so please contact me if YOU want to help. ive learned a lot from the past few years, most of all that a good tourney requires a lot of good people. one thing that comes to mind innitially is the raffle if we could gather some awesome raffle prizes early we could sell tickets early to anyone who wanted to buy them, not just disc golfers but anyone who wanted to support the cause, we kind of did this last year and i think it helped but if we get the raffle prizes together earlier i think we could sell a lot more tiks. just one idea, and i got a lot of them . hows bout you guys any ideas to make it better. or any volunteers for tasks.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nate Sawyer's A Victory!

In an unbelievable feat, Nate "The Doggy" Anderson (your local wood provider) won B course tourney. I have heard "The Dog" say that he hates the "B" course but not on this day as he shot 1 or 3 (I am not sure) below his handicap. This blog would like to congratulate Nate Diz on his amazing feat. GO DOGGY!

Also, the week before, Fort Bragg "Chew in his Mouth" Jesse won A course tourney shooting ?? Can someone post the scores?

In a related story The DETROIT Tigers afrom 2 games behind to win the ALCS and a trip to the WORLD SERIES...oh wait that only happened in my dream last night. The Tigers and Justin Verlander did win tonight to push it to a game 6 in Texas. Let us not forget that the Tigers beat the Yankees in New York in the decider game (that doesn't happen all the time). Go Parkweather, Dirka, J-Clapp and the rest of our MCFCers in the NorCal championships!

Davey D