Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nate Sawyer's A Victory!

In an unbelievable feat, Nate "The Doggy" Anderson (your local wood provider) won B course tourney. I have heard "The Dog" say that he hates the "B" course but not on this day as he shot 1 or 3 (I am not sure) below his handicap. This blog would like to congratulate Nate Diz on his amazing feat. GO DOGGY!

Also, the week before, Fort Bragg "Chew in his Mouth" Jesse won A course tourney shooting ?? Can someone post the scores?

In a related story The DETROIT Tigers afrom 2 games behind to win the ALCS and a trip to the WORLD SERIES...oh wait that only happened in my dream last night. The Tigers and Justin Verlander did win tonight to push it to a game 6 in Texas. Let us not forget that the Tigers beat the Yankees in New York in the decider game (that doesn't happen all the time). Go Parkweather, Dirka, J-Clapp and the rest of our MCFCers in the NorCal championships!

Davey D

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