Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scores 12-27

I don't have time for a worthy tourney summation at the moment but some highlights- Jim (-11). Two pro woman smash the ladies course record and show up the boys. No aces, so the pot goes to $1,722.32.

I never got the scores from the tourney before, btw. Anyone?

Monday, December 21, 2009

South Wind Spooks

Sunday December, 20 2009 saw some mild yet perplexing conditions. When there is a strong south wind at the Mendocino Disc Golf Course a reconsideration of disc choice as well as shot strategy is crucial to a scoring round. This is not newsworthy. For years we've known it. We've shot round after round in wet, south wind conditions. We see gusty winds from the north and score under these conditions. I ask us why is it so hard to compete on a stormy Sunday?

I think I have discerned the answer. There are invisible spirits who live in or around (my investigation has not confirmed where exactly) the course that apparently only show their power during periods of gusty, stormy south winds. Like their counterpart, the Native American Thunderbird, who only arrives on the massive updrafts that accompany strong thunderstorms through middle-america, our spirits fly mostly unseen save the occurrence of just the right conditions. The main difference between the two is that the Thunderbird snatches babies out of cribs for food and our spirits push drives around and create forcefields in the base of the baskets preventing perfectly accurate putts from settling. The Mendocino Disc Golf Course spirits are more like the Gremlins of European lore. Throughout WWII, Gremlins were the cause of countless machinery failures. The Twilight Zone TV series presented a fictional account of one such creature tearing apart the bolts and important parts of an airplane, mid-flight. The Simpsons TV show parodied the scene in which Bart discovered one such creature giving his school bus " the business". The scene played not only on the story of the Gremlin but also incorporated elements of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". A story whose purpose is to teach us that attracting attention for a pretend emergency will only weaken the reaction to a real one. Players may have been reluctant to share their stories of the Mendocino Disc Golf Course spirits because of the entrenched lessons we have learned through stories like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".
These spirits exist and we should share our stories. By bringing them to light, we marginalize the spirits and take away their power. You see, when we go to bed at night, we enter a "nether zone", or "twilight zone". It is at this time that the spirits thrive and remind us of the deeds they have done during our disc golf rounds. If we share our stories, then the power of the spirits is weakened and thus we can play freely in these stormy conditions.
There must have been a "pow-wow" between Carey, Brady and I before the round. We all managed to weaken the spirit's powers just enough to eek out a -2 handicapped round. Well played gentlemen. I'm sure we could all point out a few chain outs, a few "how the heck did that disc do that?" moments. Up on the top of the world, the three finalists, Carey, Brady and the author of this piece flipped discs and determined the throwing order. Carey missed long, Brady missed long and I missed low. We finished to hole, Brady 4, Me, 4, and Carey 5. Back up we went to the chorus of new rules and ideas for how to finish out. I missed long and Brady laid up in the middle of the field. As is shown by a previous post which lays out the fictional roots of the laying up strategy, I am a proponent of the shot. Apparently the crowd was not. Despite being told that his shot did not count, Brady and I came down and played out our shots. Brady scoring 4 and Myself shooting 5. Brady wins, I got second and Carey earned a well played third place.
The question raised is how do we officially end a tie?
I open this up to discussion.

Congrats Brady and let's end the reign of terror of the Mendocino Disc Golf Course spirits.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New dandy handis-

Here they are goods peoples, updated from the past two weeks. I hope to see you all today. There was some discussion about a meeting after disc today. I could go either way- I do want to meet but I have been preoccupied with other realities lately. (hard to believe disc is not numero uno, eh?) If people want to meet after the round today I am down.
Speaking of, Erin Hemmings Handi is now -9! Shall we consider a special -8 cap on handis for fairness? Just a thought.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Nate Dog Dizzle Dingleberry Anderson

As the title of my blog indicates, Nate Dog the Dingle Dizzle took the cake (and the money) on this day. It was a cold but beautiful day as the sun was shining on 9 brave frolfers. The first group consisted of several chaps trying to find their place in the handicapped system and several veterans. The group was: 1. Jeremy "the Macgyver Tommyhacker", 2. Greg "chainer out of hole 4", 3. Brady "the San Francisco crazy hat wearer", and veterans 4. Tommy "I got discs for sale" Snyder, and yours truly 5. King David. The second group consisted of: 1. Winner (Nate), 2. Smelderberry/Flames Helldrigde, 3. Bro Hemulous/HemHaw, and 4. Johny Be Good.

The scores were as follows:

Erin: -12 (Second place shooting 3 or 4 under his handicap)
Davey: -7
Brady: -6
Johny: -4
Jimmy: -2
Tommy: -2
Jeremy: -1
NATE: Even (Winner shooting 5 or 6 under his handicap).
Greg: +6

All and all it was a fun day and the ACE POT lives on. The total of the pot is $221.31.

P.S. Can someone post a picture of The Nate Dog?


Friday, December 4, 2009


I really like to get a good game on tomorrow out of town . Either willits or boonville sounds awesome. could be the last chance for a while to play with the brodys, whos in???

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Keep on Truckin'

Wow guys- what a becoming picture of me. My favorite hole too! I look like that "keep on truckin'" cartoon from the 60's. Who was that? The name is on the tip of my toungue- freaky freddie...umm..no...Robert Crumb! (I cheated on that one.) Anyway I doubt I will be able to defend my crown today, as I have come down with the swine/bird/turkey flu and should be mellow. Here is last weeks scores however, which I believe is the new MFC record for the three sorriest and rag tag score cards ever to be submitted. In terms of condition, not scores that is. Good thing I had a Costco pack of scotch tape. I shall now set my mucus clogged head to update our handicaps. Now, people, be kind, and let that Ace pool ride one more week!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

jake the snake blowing it up with a seven under his handicapp. good job jake

Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8th 2009

And for those of you who cant see that great shot of the score cards it reads like this. We had some new blood this week, love seeing new faces. We had Seth come out and shot a +22, watch out that is how Alex started out. Then we had Terry shooting a +17. Steve shot a +12 for his first MFC score. Cary shot a great game at +4 only to be shown up by his son Dillon "a boy named Sue" +3. Jody and I joined the newby group and Jody shot a +8 and I shot a -6.

So on to the oldies but goodies. Rusty had a +7. Tim the Booneville boogie man shot a +9. Vince "Indy Jones" Koski recorded a +5. RyeBread finished with a E. Jim was -4.

On to the folks who started on 10. Nate shot a +11. Travelin' Matt shot a +5. Roy shot a +1. The return of Brian Storm was a +6 and a warm welcome home. This group also contained the tie for second witch was between Davey and Erin. Davey shot -9 and Erin shot -10, great rounds guys. There was a play off from the top of the world and Davey took home the money.

I hope this is the start of my threepete. See you all next week.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Brand Nubians or The Newby Brothers or What a Beautiful Day in Mendo

Well Frolfland, I must report that 2 semi-new (new at least to the Mendocino Frolf Club tournaments) frolfers are taking the coast by storm. Alex "Alexander Supertramp" and "Uncle Traveling Wilbury" Matt have came to play and came to stay (well actually I heard that Super-T is leaving soon). Anyways, Alexander Supertramp took first place by shooting something like 8 under his handicap and the Wilbury shot an impressive 3 under (7 under his handicap). I guess it helps to shoot 22 over and then play everyday and shoot 8 under your handicap...huh Alex? Erin "HemHaw" Hemmings shot an impressive 12 under (6 under his handicap) and walked away empty handed. Props to HemHaw...nice round. Anyways, fun tournament and the ace pot lives! Can anyone put up a picture of SuperT and/or Traveling Matt or both? Can someone put a picture of the score cards?

Lets take a vote about Fort Bragg Thursday Night Doubles...how wants to start at 5pm and who wants to start ot 6pm? I vote for starting at 5pm. Who is playing this thursday and what time do people want to play?


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Scream

Saturday October 31, 2009 saw a grouping of four on the links at the Joey Memorial Frolf Course. At around 2PM Davey, AJ, Matthew and Myself joined up for the first real stroke play match on the before said frolf course. Without all the drama I will announce that a new record has been posted and the challenge to beat it is being heralded.
An early debate of the rules was settled and it was decided that no drivers and no thumbers were the only restrictions.
It was a see-saw battle that saw each player, for a portion of time, as the leader. Davey made an early play but some crucial missed putts late in the round prevented his normal dominant position at the end. Matthew showed what is becoming his signature style. Hitting nearly unfathomable putts. After three parked drives on #4 (no small task considering the left to right nature of the hole and the OB) Matthew drained a 50 footer to make a full birdie set. Strong play kept him in the game and hit the -5 that could have been much better if not for some short misses. I knew going into this thing that I was the favorite. Not only because of my rustic good looks but because I designed the course and shot probably a 100 rounds here. I actually thought I was going to bring down the record going into #15 (it's a 15 hole course). A double bogey later and I ended up in last place with a -3. Not very impressive. The championship grade game played today was thrown by non other that AJ. Who knew that the guy who buries 30 ft. putts at will and manhandles mid-rangers like they are little kittens would be able to dominate a par 3 pitch and putt. AJ never let up and hole by hole racked up the birdies, passed Davey and Matthew, passed me and then shot a hole #15 birdie to win the match and claim the record of -7.
AJ, let us know what you're drinkin' my man.
The course could hold a better score than that and I challenge us all to break it. We are looking at Christmas for the departure of this property, so in the meantime, let us play. I will try to schedule regular rounds out here, but I would love to rally up for anyone who wants to play.

All Hallows Heave- New Time, Same Place

Howdy Frolfland-

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. I have spoken with about 5 fellow frolfing friends and a partridge in a pear tree. We all agreed to start today at 2:30 on account of the time change. So actually we are starting at the same exact time but we will all change our time pieces and call it something different. I am excited about the new super blog powers Erin has bequethed to us. I will attempt to attach handis, post silly photos and cast level one fireball spells. By the way what does "monetize" mean? Sounds like a pyramid scheme. Well I have already failed in my attempt to attach the Handis. I will now email them- please let me know if you wish to be added to the email list, btw.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Glo Dubs!

That is right, the time is changing and so are we. The CR dubs will now be glowing. The time to meet is 6 and we should be teeing off at 6:15ish. This starts this week Nov. 5th. Hope to see lots of you out there!

Last Weeks Scores.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

A Great Day of Frolf and Some New Blood Action

A 13 player turnout and a first time champion garnished sunday's frolf feast. With a gusty 15-20 kt. north-northwesterly breeze and sunny skies, the Mendocino High School Disc Golf Course was at its peak in terms of conditions. The course would be challenging and unpredictable. The wind would play its role in creating the drama of a good sunday tourny. Without the intermittent exhale of ol' Neptune the course can sometimes seem open and even easy to score on. The wind blew and the discs followed.
Our new champion and new disc golf enthusiast, Matthew McAllister, shot an even with three birdies and a 5-4 finish on 17 and 18. Impressive. Especially to know that Uncle Travelin' Matt only just started playing the game last year and has only a handful of rounds in Mendo. Good risk/reward strategy and cautious play earned the newcomer a handicapped -5 and a tourny win. Second place saw the crafty veteren Erin "these pants are too long I need to" Hem"them"ings against a spry and dressed to impress Alex "I came to play today". With a long left to right shot, Erin crossed the plane of the uprights and left a difficult birdie putt, while our hero, Davey to Erin's Goliath, missed short left but played hard and brought the game to a forty-fifty foot putt that made a good run. Erin second, Matt the gold and Alex with a strong sunday finish.
For me and what seemed like the rest of us it was a good challenge. A round of applause for the host of last week, I could not make it but it sounds like a swell adventure, mister Derrick Robbings. With a new handi of -4 I do believe he is now the real thing. Congrats. I only saw the game of those on my card. Well played Jake with a hadicapped 0 and Zeb who never gave up and had some very good control for a brand new player. Aloha to Drew for hanging in there and shooting a 5 on his first ever Mendo round in the wind. Cautious play and big par hits were the keys to that magic trick. I shot a +1 and turns out had a -1 handi so I had a tough day.
Always nice to see everyone out and about on a beautiful sunday.

Sarah and I may be moving out of our house soon. This would mean an end to the Joey Memorial. I would love to have some folks out for stroke play matches to see how far we can push the score on this thing. Maybe Saturday all day play.
I'll send out an invite if it all works out.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blog Update

Administration access to all!!
The days of limited blogging are over. Those who want to alter the look, feel, smell, taste of this blog are free to do so, well as long as you are a member that is..

If your sick of dark blue, change it.
If you want a new header photo, do it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Milk Duds and A Big Thank You To Dirka!

Mendocino Frolf Club Patrons,

It was a fun Manchester weekend (wait, was that only one day?) with lots of food, fun, and frolicness but what did we really learn:

1. DaveyD likes Milk Duds.
2. Dirka/Dekendra puts on a great special tournament with Pinata and everything.
3. Parksadisc likes the Manchester course but isn't very good at setting "over under ace lines".
4. HemHaw is a good disc golfer (even on a course where he doesn't have to throw a thousand feet).
5. B-Run shows up for fun events.
6. Smelderberry likes Coors and Coors Light (thanks for the beer, Smelder!)
7. Brian Brody is a kind gentlemen letting Oroville take home at least one medal.
8. Jody Brody is not a kind woman and she took it to the field (Nice second place Jody!)
9. Despite Arvin Julius having to open a CVS in Azerbaijan he was still able to make the tournament and bring home a medal.
10. Alexander Supertramp got an ace and shot 100 down (WTF!)
11. Vince is really a queenie Indiana Jones.
12. Those silly Oroville guys sure know how to party and karoke.
13. Chimichangas covered in chilli make DaveyD have to make big doodies.

Hey, another big thank you and Kudus to Dirka for arranging the Special Tournament. Great idea with the Pinata stuffed with Milk Duds and Alcohol.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

manchester up date

so im hoping most of you will find time to make it down sat

heres some info:
Manchester Beach KOA Is Proud To Announce the

First Annual Disc Golf Tournament

WHEN: October 17th, 2009 8am (shot gun start)
WHERE: Manchester Beach KOA
ENTRANCE FEE: *$20.00 Includes:
Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Awards Ceremony Dinner
& Cash Awards for First, Second and Third Places

Medals: Gold for 1st Place
Silver for 2nd Place
Bronze for 3rd Place

*Must Sign-Up & Pay Entrance Fee in Advance as Participation is Limited
Non-Participants are Welcome to Join in on the Ceremony Dinner for $9.00
$5.00 for Children 10 years and under


In Celebration of this event, we will be offering 20% Discount off all Kamping sites.
Mention code CG to receive Discount when
making reservations @ 707-882-2375


i would like to see this tourney and

a 18-27 hole night round and

a 18 hole mini round

make up a mfc special 3 part tournament

there also doing a breakast in the morn on sunday

so im hoping yall can camp and maybe we can do the mini round on sunday, or if nobody wants to camp maybe we can do our mini round and our own awards ceremony up here

there are those kozy kabins wich are discounted for the night poker?? liars dice??

what do you guys think??

davey says hes in
jim??, magee?? , hemhaw??linz???

Monday, October 5, 2009

I can Moderate. Well not really just on here.

This weekend proved that even when you are facing your lowest handi and the heaviest wind anything can happen. We started out in two groups. Erin, Rye Bread, Traveling Matt and myself started things off. I was happy with my start to the day hitting the bush right behind the pin for one. Others in this group were not treated so fairly by the wind. I think we were finishing hole two when we heard the crowd erupt with cheers. The second group made of Nate, Jody, Davey, Parkweather, and Super T Alex were alive with the banging of the chains from 150 feet away. Who did it? OH! There goes Jody running to the basket with a smile that could be seen from space. At that moment we should have handed Jody the money and went to see what ever football game or Simpsons episode that we were missing. Had we admitted defeat then things may not have stung so much for everyone else. I did not hear many great stories of the day except Super T and Traveling both posted some killer windy day scores. Great job guys. I had a high note of tying Hem Haw on the front nine. Come to find Jody was only one stroke behind us at the turn with her all time low of -3 at hole 10. I felt really good about my game until 16 where I went from -5 to +2 in 3 holes. My silly last few holes saw me out of the running for first and into a tie for second with The Bread Man. Jody ended her victory at +4 with her handy gave here the win at -1. Congrats Jody, but watch out for falling handis. Ryan and I decided that we could not take much more of the excitement and wanted to settle this quick and easy. So we played the money hole and Ryan slammed one into the chains to take the win! Great shot Ryan! Hope to see you all next week.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Upon request (from Smelder) and because Roy deserves it, dagnabit, I shall announce to the webernet world that our own Roy won last Sunday's tournament playing a stellar game and winning the tournament in a playoff. My group consisted of myself, Alex "Alexander Supertramp", Nate "Nate Dog Dizzle" Anderson, and Vince "Vinny Vincenzo". This was a fierce battle between Nate, Roy, and Vince and Vince and Roy tied shooting (I think) 4 under their handicap. "Top of the World" someone screamed out and without further adeu - Roy and Vince were at the top of the world both throwing threw the uprights and hitting their putts. That's right they BOTH threw it through the uprights (great shots guys). Anyways, so they went to a second hole playoff where Roy took it. Great game guys. Hope to see y'all today.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let's get this blog back on track!

How about a picture of last Sunday's winner?  And a description of the tourney?  Goodness knows Roy has waited long enough and deserves it!



Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mend Disc Golf and a New World Record (sort of)

Gents and Ladies,

A new Mendocino Disc Golf record is upon us. Jim Jimmy Jimmerson Eldestberry Eldridge and I went out yesterday seeking the "One Disc Only" record. James used his new (sort of Periwinkle) Destroyer and I used my outstanding yeller Force. The match was close (very close), despite Davey D having approximately 4 Tecata Beers in him. We ended with a tie both shooting 7 under. There were many putts that squirreled out but some that surprisingly stayed in. Well, write it up, document it...there is a new MFC record out there. We (Jim, I hope I can speak for you) are accepting all challengers.

Hey Erin, thanks for putting the cool new picture on the website but does anyone notice a spelling error?

Anyways, (to repeat Dirka Dekendra) who is in for the Manchester regular tournament and Dirka's special tournament?

GO DETROIT LIONS! (Sorry about those Golden Bears of Berkeley)


Thursday, September 24, 2009

SPECIAL TOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


manchester koa is having a tourney on oct 17th. sounds like o lot of fun .
First Annual Disc Golf Tournament
Stay and Play or just come and play. 20% off site fees use code CG when booking a reservation. $20.00 Tournament Fees include: Continental Breakfast, Lunch, BBQ Dinner and Golf Fee. Call (707)882-2375 for times and details. i want to do a special tourney for us the 16th or the 18th. i think the day before would be cool to practice up for the big event, but thats a friday so we could do some fun shit on sun if peeps cant make fri

does this sound doable for anyone????

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Results from Sunday, Goddess Games, and More

So, I find it necessary to report that Erin HemHam E.F. Hutton Hemmings won last Sundays tournament shooting an impressive 9 under (2 under his handicap) despite a very wet, windy (mostly South), and utterly miserable day. Matthew shitweather Parksadisc came in second shooting an even round (even after handicap).

I would love to get a report from the Goddess Games...Brodys, can you help a Frolfer out?

Who is playing Fort Breezy doubles tomorrow? The time is 5pm these days. I got a call from Arvin "the dragon riding" Julius who reported that he has put several calls out and we might get a nice turnout so come one come all.

Mendo Out!


Friday, September 4, 2009

come on girls represent!!!

SEPTEMBER 12 & 13, 2∞9
SAT. MANILA & CURTAIN 8:30- Check in/Registration 9:00- Players Meeting 9:30- 18 Holes MANILA 1:30- 18 Holes CURTAIN 9pm optional Glow Round

SUN. FIELDBROOK 10:00- Players Meeting 10:30- 27 Holes Fieldbrook Games, Raffle, & Awards Following Round Fieldbrook


PRO/OPEN: $35, AM: $25, REC: $15, JUNIOR: FREE

GODDESS: Can’t play both days? One day (Sat. or Sun.) only $10, just come before the players meeting and register (players package included).

FOR THE DUDES: Join the Goddesses in the optional 9 pm GLOW ROUND at Fieldbrook. Then Sunday, Casual side tournament $10, 27 holes Fieldbrook; trophies awarded, proceeds go to Goddess Games.

Visit www.ParInfinity.org for registration & more info!

Joey Memorial Friday the 4th

I was offering to host a round at my place today at 4ish.
Let me know if this works. Call the cell 707-357-3816 or email me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CR dubs moved to 5.

Thats right Thursdays at 5pm not 6! Hope to see you all out there.

Monday, August 31, 2009

That was the first time I did...

8-The amount of people that played on this glorious day. 7-The number of strokes I shot under my handicap. 6-The number that "Joda the Diah" shot under her handicap. 5-The number of times I wanted to see Don Quixote and Sancho Panza come over that fictitious high hill. 4-The hole I should have won the CTP if we would of remembered to mark it. 3-The number of people who won things (other then fun and frustration) on this Sunday (Nate Dizzle took home some fine looking produce donated by Parksasome). 2-The number of strokes I was away from tying the record holder, Erin Hemmings (AKA Mr. 15 under). 1-The number that I felt on this day ("You're number 1, kid").

It was heard throughout the course on this Sunday, "That was the first time I did...". I (if you couldn't tell already) shot 13 under. Derrick tied his high score shooting 5 under. Brian Brody shot his high score of 4 or 5 under. Joda the Diah tied her high score (and the women's high score) shooting 2 over.

Hope to see y'all on Thursday at the Fort Breezy doubles round.


Friday, August 28, 2009

XXXVI How Don Quixote and Sancho Panza happened upon a gypsy band and other adventures

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza had been riding through the high hills of La Mancha for days; in search of adventure and opportunities to right the wrongs of society. Upon reaching the crest of one hill Don Quixote paused. Sancho rode past, unable to deter his normally faithful burro from the cool rewards of the stream a few meters up the path. As Sancho's ass drank plentifully from the stream, Sancho puzzled over the look of question on the face of the knight-of-the-sad-countenance. Don Quixote saw something down in the valley that Sancho could not recognize. There was a distinct round of cheers or jeers that would rise up from the valley floor every five to ten minutes or so. Often these very human sounds would be accompanied by the sound of steel chains shaken.
The sound recalled an image in Don Quixote's mind of men beaten brutally with chains, by their captors who hold them for no greater charge than crossing paths with such ferocious animals.
With the tip of his helmet and the unsheathing of his sword, Don Quixote spurred the aged Rocinante towards the valley and the cries bellow. Sancho looked on as he had been doing for the previous few minutes. Still unable to decipher the look on the face of his friend, he made sure his proud steed was fully hydrated, and slowly followed the dust trail left by the hasty departure of the great Don Quixote.
As Don Quixote emerged through the passage he had found in the vast blackberry bramble, he discovered a scene unlike the one he had envisioned atop the hill. Before him were three men and one woman. Throwing what Don Quixote could only guess to be long distance weaponry at steel mannequins with chains in place of the human rib cage. Our hero knew better, after many unnecessary injuries to himself and his dutiful squire, than to ride directly into the line of fire in this shooting range. Instead he chose to watch on and examine the purpose of this training. He saw right away that the discs being thrown were made with blunt rounded edges and would probably be outfitted with blades to fulfill the sinister desires of its thrower. After all four assassins had buried their weapons into the midsection of their target, they congratulated one another and set out to commit the same foul deed on another unsuspecting herdsman (who else would be standing alone on a hillside in the high mountains). Don Quixote saw his window in the wall of thrown weapons and prepared to attack. Having lowered his face protection and adjusted the grip on his sword, Don Quixote was now prepared to rid the Earth of this evil training facility and all of its inhabitants. Like all knights errant, Don Quixote took an oath to right any wrong he observed without regard to his own health and safety.
It was Sancho Panza who disliked this part of the oath most. If only his role as squire to the Knight-of-the-sand-countenance was to persuade him to keep free of bodily harm, than Sancho would have been much more readily available to perform his duties; instead of meandering down the path in search of a safe place to assess his master's injuries. It was at this moment of thought that Sancho realized what Don Quixote was about to do. He is going to slay this gypsy band and Sancho would rightfully inherit any gold or jewels left as bounty (Don Quixote must never benefit financially from any of his deeds or he would be in direct defience of his oath sworn before the squire Sancho Panza). At this realization, Sancho had the most confidence in the great knight, and decided to rest in the meadow just above the gypsy camp.
From this perspective, Sancho could see Don Quixote's mistake clearly before Don Quixote could possibly have realized it. Amongst the assassins there were three dogs. All of which could encircle and take down a horse the size and health of Rocinante. Upon reaching the dogs, Don Quixote pulled on the reigns hard to make Rocinante lift his front hooves and use a stomping motion to keep the dogs at bay. The dogs barked a prodigious amount and Rocinante could not handle the racket. Don Quixote retreated the attack long before he reached his targets.
At the site of this, Sancho felt great shame for wishing the deaths of the gypsies and decided to congratulate Don Quixote on his decision to keep safe his steed and only mode of transportation and allow the gypsies, who have already begun to leave after seeing the drawn sword and battle pose of the knight before being discovered by the dogs, to go free. Don Quixote saw no shame in surviving his horse and thanked Sancho for his reassurance, reminding him that if the dogs had not attacked Rocinante, those gypsy assassins would not live a moment longer to plan attacks on lonely herdsmen.
So it was agreed to take a high path through the mountains and seek adventure and righteousness elsewhere.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Isn't winning enough? :)

It was a perfect day for disc golf. The sun was shining , the wind was blowing just enough, and there were 7 of us ready to take it by storm! As it turns out the second group to drive did just that, pulling in both of the CTPs and the victory. The first group, however, (Brodys and Nate) only won the award for the most curse words yelled and the most fart sounding shots :) This day belonged to the second group; Jake, who beat his first weeks score, the Stein, who took home a second place victory and the CTP for 15 (a champion wraith Nate found while rooting through the evil that dwells below the bleachers), and I'm not sure how Jim did, but judging by the rest of his group I'd say he probably had a good day. Way to go guys! But the one who really shook the shingles was Derrick, the big winner of the day, raking in his coveted R-pro hydra for the CTP on 18, because he's never satisfied with just a victory, and shooting his best score ever with a -5 before and after handi. It seems when Derrick wins he has to win almost everything!! Hope to see you all Thursday at the college.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Like taking candy from a baby...

Hello Frolfland-
It was a beautiful day for Frolf yesterday, the air was warm, a light breeze blew across the headlands, and 9 shiny, happy people played in our weekly.
There are many side plots to yesterday- Dave and Parky returned after a few weeks and both resumed where they left off: Dave throwing 10 down and Matthew throwing it all away on the back nine.  The return of some players from the past: boon-varro and Jonah.  But the real story was: The Brodys.
I guess we all should have known.  If you read this blog with any regularity, you might have noticed that when they are not appearing in the local newspapers posing if front of disc baskets or printing up stickers for our club, Bryan and Jody travel around the Pacific Northwest playing disc golf, playing disc golf tourneys, checking out disc golf courses and blogging about disc golf. Basically living the dream.
The dream quickly became a nightmare for anyone not named Brody who was hoping to win something yesterday.  Between Jody and Bryan, the Brodys won tourney, the CTP ($10 from parks) , the longest put of the day prize ($5 elderberry) set a new official  Chick Flick record (2 up, Jody) and the unofficial "I wish that those two people weren't so nice and friendly because it makes it very hard to hate them and do something vengeful like put sugar in there gas tank or something because they just beat the living sh_t out of me and took all my hard earned money" award.

Congrats Jody on winning tourney, and Bryan for CTP and best shot.  It was a fun day in the sun.  I guess I should go start practicing now....
SP3   (Starky Parkweather the Third)

Monday, August 10, 2009


The high school was crawling with out-of-towners kicking the ole' black'n'white around (my personal thoughts on soccer = seriously... soccer? who cares?). The annual Skunk Classic compelled the few frolfers who showed to turn tail and head north to our brand new back-up course, CR. Again, a round of thanks in order to all who made the possibility of a back-up course a reality.

Those who showed were Hem-haw, Hem-haw II (Devan), Magee, Brun, (Nate) Dog & Linz. All were in favor of a non-handi doubles round. The teams: - Linz/Erin - Dog/Magee - Brun/Devan. It was unanimously pre-determined that the ace pot was out of play because Jim was absent.

Brun generously donated beverages to the thirsty group and we began our round. I personally shanked every single drive I threw, but I was able to close out a good many of Erin's great drives. Brun and Devan played a great game of strategy, despite several instances of rogue laser interference and kung-fu samurai. Team Dog/Magee was on with great approach putts. I don't know if it was the CR baskets, but Magee and I both had a lot of really-long-putts that hit chains & bounced-out.

It was a great afternoon, and gave a few players a chance to play CR for the first time ever. Erin and I took the cake home (or rather, to Piaci's) and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were encouraged by Brun to spend our hard-earned $$ at Subway, or perhaps even splurge and hit up Asian Buffet. Magee/Dog turned in a -3, and Devan/Brun a 0.

See ya'll next week.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday August Second

It was a 6-person tourney, a goodly crew, including Linz, Roy, Vince, Derrick, Erin and myself. We played an augmented version of one-group "ready frolf", in which we all played when ready, with the exception of the tee-box, where honors remained. It was a good compromise, allowing for good pace of play and a proper hard-earned teebox line-up as well. After about 11 holes, with Linz playing great and most of us playing well, Erin judged himself out of it, and started to just go for aces. But he also seemed to make most of the challenging birdie putts he left himself. I found a way to bogie 15, which, when you think about it, is pretty hard to do. On 17, Linz left herself a very makable par putt, which would have allowed her to layup on 18 and still win. But her uphill effort missed high, and her comebacker missed and rolled all the way to the bottom, dooming her chances for a tourney win. A brutal turn of events after 16 excellent holes, but Linz took it with her usual nonchalant grace...and maybe a few extra words thrown in. This opened up the tourney to others, and we figured out Erin, Derrick and I were all tied for the lead going into 18. All three of us birdied (clutch!) to set up a three-way playoff at the top of the world! Derrick's effort sailed wide left, my effort missed wide right by a foot (!), and Erin's also missed right. All three of us bogied, and moved to the second playoff hole--a longer throw to 6--which only Erin birdied for the win! Derrick and I did a CTP to the 11th basket from the track, and Derrick edged me by a few feet for the second place money. But before you feel sorry for me, you should know that I drowned my sorrows in the delicious macaroons I won from Vince in a CTP on hole 3!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Jody' first Chick Flick.

Hey fellas and gal. Hope everything on the beautiful Mendo coast is flying along wonderfully for you all. Jody and I just returned from a amazing weekend of Chick Flickin' and Cock Flockin'.

The event its self was amazingly organized and fun for woman of all skill levels. Jody got to attend some roller and flick clinics as well as some trick shot clinic. And now for the big news Jody took 4th in the intermediate division beating 12 other girls. She was on the leader card and made a good run for it. She also won a lot of great prizes including something that you will only see at a Chick Flick, it is called a P-Style. It is made for girls to be able to pee like boys. It really works and it really freaks me out. Any way....

There was a night glow random mixed dubs for the Cock Flock (All the guys who caddied for the gals) Strange enough I was the odd man out and the guy from Cali had to play Cali. I took 5th place and took 6 dollars. I shot a 5 down and the winners shot 15 down. However I did not have to share my winnings with a partner! Woo Hoo.

Oregon has some wonderful disc golf folks and a really passion for the sport. If any of you ever get a chance come up and check out one of there amazing events. Here is a link to a video for some of Jody's high lights. Hope you enjoy.


Monday, July 27, 2009

The Return of Stein!

Well, another Sunday Frolf in the books as Cal Ripken Jr. continues to sweat. First off let me say a gracious THANK YOU to Erin for that AWESOME picture of Kid Rock, Em, and Davey Motherfuckin' D. I can't believe that picture actually leaked on the internet...I told Kid Rock to burn that dam picture. I love it! I can't get over it. I keep going back to the web site and looking at it and chuckling.

Anyways, on to the frolf...we actually all (Linz, Nate Dog, Vincenze, Devan Hemmings, Jimmy E, HemHaw, and myself) played together and decided to play a "Ready Frolf" round (which is the name of Erin's last post) meaning when your ready---FROLF. It actually speeded things up and there was less of people staring at each other pulling out their internally measuring tapes deciding who is furthest from the basket. There were many winners on this day (not including The Park Knight who couldn't make tourney because his daughter decided to make a doody all over his house) including: The Linzanator who broke the Women's record...she shot a +3, James Birdy Eldridge won a CTP prize of a chocolate bare genorously donated by Vince, Erin won a CTP prize of some fancy chocolaty bready sconey thing donated by Linz, and yours truly (dentist) who won the tournament. I have noticed that the last 3 weeks the winner has shot 6 under their handicap (good to remember for future events). Erin HemHaw was actually sitting 13 under after 16 holes but unfortuantely 5ed hole 17 and 3ed 18 but Doctor Detroit was ready to pick up the scraps and swoop in for the win (we both shot 11 under but my handicap is -5 and Erin's is -6). But why I ask? Why don't we pay more attention to second place? Afterall it is the second best you can do (OK, now I am just stating the obvious). But really, why? Anyways, Erin took second and for those who care Nate Dog and Linz tied for 3rd.

P.S. Who did Joe Nameth and the New York Jets Jets Jets beat in the famous Super Bowl where they were big underdogs and Nameth predicted the win?
The Baltimore Colts?

P.S.S. The Fort Bragg course is having their weekly random doubles at 6pm on Thursday. $5 entrance and $1 for ace pot (there are several aceable holes).


Our Ready Frolf Round

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CR weekly

Hey yalls,
AJ is calling for random doubles, Thurs. @6.
Fort Braggarts represent.
Norte es mas fuerte.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Arvin Julius

Well, let me start off by saying that Erin, you have outdone yourself with this picture on the blog. Is that Pete the Magic Dragon, Caesar, or a disc chucking AJ (Arvin Julius) riding an Innova breathing dragon all the way from Humboldt County down to San Diego and back up to Mendo to take all of our money and CTP prizes. Thats right...AJ's silly (might I say riduculous) handicap of 2 over finally paid off (pun intended) for him. We all knew it was just a matter of time and that time was Sunday July 19, 2009. AJ came out all buisness and was rifling (as usual) his putter at any basket in sight. AJ, like Jody last week, shot 6 under his handicap and won the thing easily. Nate Dizzle Dog Anderson, Erin HemHaw Hemmings, and yours truly tied for second shooting 2 under our handicap. We played a closest to the pin on the money shot (for those who don't know the money shot it is from the tee box on hole 8 to the basket for hole 10...short but sweet) and I took it by a couple of feet. HemHaw had the best overall round with a -8. Might I add that the gracious winner, Arvin, took who ever wanted to wet their whistle to Patty's for sweet succulent beverages made up of malted barley and hops. Thanks Arvin and nice win!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Jody does it!

So I am hear to gladly boast Jody taking the win this windy Sunday. She is the first female to win one of our MFC tourneys. She also broke the woman's tourney record and her personal best game ever. My sweetie. I am so proud.

It was a relaxed start to the game. We got started promptly at 4:15 or so. If I can remember correctly it was Jody, Linz, Nate, D- Roc. Davey the Oral Hygienist, and myself Bryan "to good for a single so I will take a double and a triple bogey"Brody. We also had a special guest for the first 10 hole, the Dean from the College came down and joined us. He is the one responsible for the new course and a MFC recruit. We also had a "special" guest for the back 9 as well. This was a less friendly guest, I believe his name was Marco and he decided who lives and dies. But never mind Marco this is about Jody.

Jody rocked the front nine shooting even and putting the preasure on. She held on to the lead even with Davey checking the card and nipping at her heels. One of Jodys highlights was blasting a drive on 10 that went as far as the end of the bleachers and wrapping up a easy 3. The big show was saved for the end where she almost aced 18, but parked it for the bird instead. All in all she just kicked some ass. Derrick and Davey tied for second and played CTP on 12 for the 5 bucks at stake. D took some tree love and walked away with his 5 bones.

We are leaving for a few weeks. Hope all the tourneys are wonderful and exciting. On another note Derrick put up a new record at the College of a -5. Good luck taking that one down guys.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Fabulous Brodys

Our friends made the cover of the weekly sports section of the Mendocino Beacon. Click the image to view in greater detail.

Apparently, the writer of the article is not familiar with the High School Disc Golf Course, citing that disc golf enthusiasts must travel to one of the many overly-hot inland courses to enjoy some Frolf. Not so!

Thanks, Brodys ~ You are a wonderful spokes-couple for our favorite sport!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

post-independence day tourney

9 Frolfers showed up today to recognize the birth of our fine nation with a smashingly well-played tourney, and better-than-average results all around. Although this year's "Tourney de Independence" took place on the 5th of July rather than the 4th, the full effect of yesterday's celebration/debauchery was felt by many throughout today's round.

The flip divided the people, and away went Bryan, Erin, Tom & Ryan, pulling ahead of the rest at a breakneck pace. Jody, Linz, David & Nate cooled our collective heels, waiting for Jim "practically always late to Tourney-weather" Eldridge. We had a fine first few holes, with pars and birdies abounding. Special update: Jody's drives were super-stellar today. I put in my daily requisite bogies on 3, 4 and 5 (what what?) & noticed that Jody's round was going to wipe me out if I didn't get my ducks in a row, & quick! With a bird on 3, she had me beat after nine, coming in at only +1! She rocked the back nine until 17, where the infamous cypress ate up her blue disc (it should be duly noted that Jody pared 17 yesterday). She played a very determined and impressive round. I kicked the chick record down a notch to +5, with narry a bird nor double-boge. Nate Dog also finished up with pars and birdies far outnumbering his bogies, bringing him in at +3. Very little swearing was heard.

Meanwhile, Flames "2 is the new 3" Helldridge drew a big fat -13 in the end, sinking crazy putts from crazy distances, as though he were putting for a living and selling real estate for fun. He took the cake and ate it too. Tried as he might to catch his arch-nemesis Jim, David pulled in at -4, having just woken from blissful hungover dreams of taking the pre-D-roc ace pot and high-tailing it to Reno. He was sporting the same clothes as yesterday.

The more efficient group seemed to play an equally fun and impressive round. I believe Ryan "please do not kick my beer" Magee played one shot off his tourney best (?). He sank his teeth into more than a few putts and tallied up his row: -5. Bryan Brody, who I like to call Jon, had some high highs and some low lows, apparently succumbing to 17 like his dearly devoted partner Jody. Tom toted a folding tri-pod stool along with him for the round ... smart man. A steady -1 in good form.

It is now 10 PM and Erin "hem dinger" Haw continues to bitterly complain that his -12 was still three shots away from a handicap win. Excuse me while I give him a leftover Vicodin and put him down for a little nap. I hear that he left no drive more than 25ft from the basket, and accounted for his obligatory bounce-out putts on several holes (it's still a good score, kiddo).

Great fun, this tourney. I am grateful to all who attended, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ok well this is my first real Mcgeal Blog I ever did.  Hmmm.... not a gripping Introductory sentence huh?
Lets try again...

"People who love sausage and people who believe in justice should never watch either of them being made"  
-Otto Bismark

Well I love sausage, and I love Justice.  What is this my friends? Are you confused why in my first post ever to any blog especially to the blog with embodies my dream of having a local disc golf club so that I could play in a weekly tournament and regularly fork over 5 hard earned American dollars to other people would begin with a picture of a volcano, a quote about sausage and justice, and a run-on sentence? My dear hurlers of polymer platters, let me ease your befuddlement.

I may have been shooting for the moon but in my never ending quest for justice, I simply wanted the replace the photo of Tim Linsicom,  I mean Jim Eldridge, with Ryan "Rye-Bird" "J.D. Slinginger" "Catcher in the Rye" "Hawaii 5-0" Magee.  Gentle readers and those Internet junkies who may have stumbled across our little blog due to my careless and, I daresay, negligent inclusion of over Seventy Three different subjects in a (so far) two paragraph blog (and a second run on sentence), please do not continue reading.  For I found that I had not one, not two, nor could I find even thrice a picture of my hero and your true MFC champion, one Mr. Ryan "Mama pull out the Rye-Bread and the Mustard 'cause that was a grand salami" Magee.

But I DID find this nice picture of Volcan Arenal that I took in Costa Rica.

Luckily, I did not have enough Blogging Power Points to replace the picture of Jim "how come we can never think of a clever nick name for this guy except for lame s##t like Jimerson" Eldridge with a random vacation picture.

And I did learn how to put a picture in the Blog.

Ok well fellow club members, I guess that will take care of tying up the smattering of Volcanoes, Justice, and run on sentences I left all over our beautiful Blog.  Oh... and the sausage?  Like Justice and sausage, feel lucky you did not watch this blog being made.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Post

I find it necessary (even though I didn't win) to publish the winner and runner up for Sunday's (June 28th) tournament. Rye Bread took first place with an impressive -4 (-5 after handicap) with Nate Dizzle Dog Anderson right on his heals with a +1 or +2 (-4 after handicap). I also find it necessary to report that we had a fairly impressive turnout of 11 people (even with out Erin, Jimmy, and D Money) including Frank from Lake County and the return of Tommy Boy Snyder. The best overall score went to yours truly..."pulling teeth Stein" shooting a quiet -6. Congratulations goes out to Rye Bread but will he attempt his feet of trying to win 3 straight or will he chicken out and go to Usal Beach?? I don't have answers just more questions.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Click on the image to read the fine print


I dont know if you have heard, but they are putting a 9 hole in at the College of the Redwoods!
There was a flier on the map at the High School. They are gonna work on it tomorrow from 9 am till it is complete. They could use some help. Call Drew for more info. 707-499-6781

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wind +Ace+Fathers Day= Fun!!!

Lindsey outdriving us on 17

Erin wins the overall with a -5

Bryan wins the loudest "snap" while driving award.

Matthew's stylin drive

Jim wins the tourney with a -1 handicap round

Jody getting some nice shoulder turn and great distance!

Maia and Yoda "playing"

Lindsey Aces hole 7!!!!!
She ripped an Avenger SS in a sharp
turnover through the trees and into the basket
Super awesome first ever hole in one.
$23 pot was icing on the cake.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday AT 5:00!

Anyone wanting to play Friday the 19th at 5pm we would love the company. Come on out and get warmed up for Sunday. I know this is not what the blog is for, but we have not been added to the email list. So if anyone would like to add us to that list it is kinfolkfan@yahoo.com. Thanks and hope to see some of you today.
The Brodys

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

new course record

I watched Mendo Disc Golf history being made this evening. After losing my first 5 spot to AJ last week, I've decided I need to start actually practicing. So Erin, Maia and I made our way to the high school after work. Normally our rounds involve a fair amount of practice shots and messing around but, determined to start taking the competition aspect of disc golf seriously, I decided we'd play a legit game. No extra throws, no mulligans. Just straight-up tourney-style play.

As I was busy double-bogieing my way through the front nine, Erin was quietly coming up with birdies on all but the 9th. An errant sidearm landed his coveted red Firebird squarely between the boards of the outer tennis court. A push through the trees brought him under the basket for a gimmie. 10 went off without a hitch, and we climbed the stairs to 11. After hitting the trees and falling just right of the scoreboard, he lauched an 80 foot putt and missed by a hair. Another par. (Meanwhile, our hero is trying to help me rescue my suck-ass round, and I'm getting pissed. This doesn't phase him, apparently).

We rounded the northwest corner and by this time I began to take notice of his unprecedented number of bounce-outs: ZERO. Seriously - this guy never has a round without a bounce out. I kept quiet, knowing his anticipation was mounting. I drive a comet bullet straight at the basket on 15 and make my second birdie of the game (am I finally getting the hang of that disc?). We approach 17 knowing that the heat is on. A bogie here could potentially blow the whole thing. I hold my breath through the run-up ... his fingers snap and the Boss flies across the field in a high turnover arc. It hits the road and rolls down the hill. Damn. Shot number two hits the trees and falls unceremoniously to the dirt. Then he drains a 40 footer for par numero 3 - huzzah! We both clear the uprights on 18, which is pretty rad for me but fairly normal for him. I putt out and clear my disc. Erin takes his time, and his focus deepens.


Super cool. 15 down. Way to go baby!

Friday, June 12, 2009

want more email?

I just found a feature that enables automatic emailing anytime anyone leaves a comment on the blog. Any post, old or new. That way you can keep up on comments without having to always check back to see if old posts have new comments.... If you'd like your email added to the list, say


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

KOA Jam (Parental Advisory)

There is a bit of language in some of the music so if you have tender ears in the room turn down the volume. But here it is the KOA Jam...


Monday, June 8, 2009

KOA Pro/Am Jam Extravaganza

I've got a few minutes this morning, with the tourney still fresh on the sizzling brain, so I'll kick in with the first post here, even though I don't have the full picture of the weekend, given my late arrival on Saturday morning.  I hope all the kooks will kick in their rants, and a full picture shall emerge!
It was quite a weekend, to say the least, full of full-throated frivolity and antics aplenty, and similar to last year, the disc golf was the least of the fun for me.  Part of that was due to a chest cold I brought with me this year.  I threw myself into a four-man ball-golf tournament earlier in the week, during which I had no less than a stomach flu, the beginnings of the cold, and allergies (we ended up qualifying for the next round, woo!).  By the time the tourney came around, the flu was largely gone, but the cold was full throttle.  My wife couldn't understand why I was going to the thing, but hey, the KOA comes but once a year!  I held up pretty well on the first day, finishing with a 3-down which, but for a few bad breaks and chain-outs, could have been 6 shots better.  My putting was really grooved, and things looked good.  But after the frivolity of Sat. night, and an inability to sleep, my tank was empty about halfway through the Sunday morning round.  I gave serious thought to bagging the final round and either going home or following the lead Open group around to learn a thing or two, and cheering on the other MFCers, but I didn't think that would be good form, so I finished up.  I was something like 5 down through the first round and a half (including a birdie on the crazy-hard-to-birdie new 17th pin position), and 10 over through the last round and a half, and finished the tourney at 5 over.  I stumbled home and slept from 9pm to 9am, and am looking forward to a slowwww recharging week this week.

Ok, so, the highlights of the weekend for me:

~The MFC turnout!  Although we were all sad that Erin couldn't get in under the wire, otherwise the turnout was supreme, with 6 (!!!) of us competing, and 5 others there to party and lend support!!!  We had Davey and me in the AM1s, Matthew, Rye, and D-Money in the AM2s, and Nate-dog in the REC division, and ABrun, with quiet but wry and fun friend Mean Gene, the Brodys, Travelin' Matt, and D's main squeeze Franny all along for chicanery of their own.  It was a high-flyin' group, and made for hours of fine entertainment, not only for ourselves but for the camp at large.

~D-Money's birthday!  Sly quiet one that he is, he didn't let on, but Franny finally told us that Saturday was his birthday.  He celebrated by not only playing some kick-ass disc throughout the day, but cooking some astonishing kababs for all of us at night, and sharing the extraordinary blueberry cheesecake that baker-extraordinaire Franny had brought for him.  Matthew said it best: "I feel guilty eating this delicious food.  Aren't we supposed to be cooking for HIM?"  But that's D-Money for you--kind and generous and, now, one year older.  How many is that now, D?

~The dice games!  We had a big circle of chairs around site 59's campfire, and it wasn't long after the last round on saturday that the dice kicked in to gear.  Over a period of maybe four hours, I think we managed to play four games of dice, and we became the comedy club of the campground, with many furners from other sites coming by and sitting in to watch the absurdity.  I doubt I've ever laughed as hard or as consistently as I did during those games, each character playing their parts to a T, as if the thing was being filmed for a sit-com or something. As Davey pointed out on numerous occasions during the weekend, we should write a damned screenplay about these absurd disc golf tournaments, a la "Best in Show".  If we wrote up this tournament, the dice games would have been the high point of the movie for me.  Later in the night, a couple of neighbors taught everybody some Humboldt game involving holding items in your hand and guessing the number of items in everyone's hand, the loser "ramming" or shotgunning a beer. Needless to say I was only a spectator of this game, but Nate-Dog ended up at the business end of the shotgun at one point, and in a spectacular show of support, when Nate lost the next game, Matthew valiantly stepped up to ram the penalty beer on his behalf.

~The volume of new pin placements!  The course on Sunday was unrecognizable from what it had ever been before, and it was a blast to try and figure things out!  There were completely new pins placements on 5, 6, 7a, 10, 11, 13, and 17, and with only one exception (10), the holes were harder to much harder as a result.  Applause to the KOA, and/or whoever went out and did it, because the course is a whole new world now.  Brutal in places, but certainly new!

~The way we all supported each other!  The broken-up nature of the tourney allowed the A-group to watch the Bs, and the B group to watch the As, and also the non-playing crew was out in force!  So it was really great to look over while playing and draw strength from friends, and to support those playing from the sidelines.  VERY cool.  I think that support single-handedly kept me going the last day!

~The solid play of the MFCers (myself excluded)!  I didn't stay around to get the final tallys, but when I left, it looked as if Nate had taken 4th in the REC, D-Money was going to place high in the AM2s, Rye played rock solid all weekend, Matthew placed second on the Friday doubles round, and Davey played well enough to wait around and see if he might get some winning from the payouts.  Nice job guys!

All-in-all, we represented the MFC with spirit, talent, perseverance, support for each other, and hilarity.  It was a fantastic time, and one which made me proud to be an MFCer!  WoooHoooo!!

Divide & Conquer

I report on our small mendo tournament without knowing the results from the koa weekend. All of us townies who stayed home want to hear all about Willits 2009!

Here at Mendo High we continued the streak of Sunday frolf, which is something close to 104/104. When was the first official Sunday Tourney? Anyone?

Anyway, we had a damn fine tournament. By 'we' I mean Vince, AJ, myself, and Lindsey in her first official tournament showing. It was teeshirt warm. NW winds 7-10 mph.
Here is the scorecard:

Everyone played well, with AJ taking the game by one stroke. With the way this guy putts he won't have a +3 hc for long. We gave Lindsey a 7 handi which seemed about right. She had fun and will hopefully be playing more Sunday's in future. Oh and Lindsey's +6 is a women's tournament record!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

And Another Thing

It just occurred to me that we think we have an unblemished record of having a tourney every Sunday since we started.  So things brings up two questions:  Is this true?  Specifically: did we hold a tourney last year while the KOA tourney was going on?  Anyone remember?  And if we did, doesn't this mean that Erin and the other non-tourney-goers MUST hold a tourney to keep our record intact?  Just askin'....   

Controversial Post!

Alright, I'm going to chime in here with some controversy, because that's just WHAT I DO!  Alright, maybe not, but anyway, here's an opinion to chew on:

I think the ace-pot winner from last tourney, our very own D-money, for whom I only have the very very very very highest respect, should only win half of the ace pot money.

Here is my thinking:  we have, to my knowledge, never brought the ace-pot to an away tournament.  And if I had had a vote as to whether to bring the ace pot to Willits, I would have voted no, even if I played in it, because of the ease of hole 8.  Dave can vouch for the following: when he told me that an ace had been made, the first thing I said, just before "The ace pot was in play?", was "Oh no, it wasn't on 8 was it?"  It's such a short and open hole that I personally believe that if Willits was our home course, the ace pot would never get above 40 or 50 bucks.  And since we never made a club decision, in my view, about bringing the ace pot to other courses, it seems pretty tough to put all that accumulated ace cash into an away tournament.  I understand that a vote of the people who showed up was taken, but isn't that a little like letting the foxes vote about whether to enter the henhouse?  ;-)

None of that is to discredit what I heard was a supreme thumber which apparently "looked in the whole way"!  AWESOME shot, of which I am hardly capable.  But I believe half the pot to brother D seems fairer to me than the whole pot, given the above.  My two and a half cents.  Now everyone feel free to jump on me!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Derrick took the Gold!

Wow, what a round! The 31st day of May of the year 2009 saw 6 determined Frolfers set there sites out on the gold medal in Willits for sort of a warm up round for the big KOA Pro/Am Jam. Before I get onto the round I hate to tell y'all who have been putting single dollar bills into the ace pot that this lump sum of money no longer exists for the taking because Derrick "You will never see me without this sweatshirt" D-Money had a beautiful thumber ace on hole 8 (the short up shot) in Willits. There was never a doubt that this rifle wouldn't be heard throughout Willits and the greater Mendocino County. Congratulations to Derrick who claimed $102 and his second ace in tournament play. Well, onto the round that saw the return of both Brody's and maybe one of Roy's last tournaments becuase of work committments. Other notable players included this writer and Erin "HemHaw" Hemmings. After 15 holes there were 4 players in contention but after Derrick birdied 17 it was pretty much in the bag. Erin and/or I (dentist) had to birdy hole 18 to tie Derrick. I had about a 100 foot putt/upshot that I gave everything I had but it hit the basket and didn't go in. Erin had a 60 foot putt that went too high...Derrick takes the gold. I took home second with shooting the best overall round of the day (you know I have to toot my own horn when I can) with a -4. Thats all folks until Willits.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anyone seen this yet?

Gents (& Ladies?) !

To justify this post, I've tried to think of a situation where you all might be discouraged from showing up at Tourney. I devised several possibilities - nighttime, a severe storm, snow!, busy at work, sick - but I'm pretty sure you've played through all those situations. For those days when you seriously, truly, absolutely, positively cannot make it to the high school...

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Joey Memorial

So I guess nobody's gonna post the match.  I didn't know you were supposed to report on your own wins.  Aaron and I won.  Dave and Jim were overall champs and scored the lowest overall score.  Erin played with "Uncle Traveling" Matt in his first disc golf game on real baskets.  Sun was shining and that's that.

Aloha, pau.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Action from a Casual Round

Gentle friends,
Too often we only hear about the tournament action, but of course we enjoy our glorious home course in a thousand ways, most of them taking place on the other six days of the week. Perhaps the blog-followers would appreciate a few action shots and vids from a recent casual outing, involving a typically shady collection of local ne'er-do-wells.  Enjoy!

CAUTION: The following contains mature language.  Viewer discretion advised.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tooting of the horn of which I am the owner

For those of you who had obligations on the sunny Mother's Day tournament last sunday, you missed a lesson in strategy and a few beautiful shots. 

Nate Dogg had a front nine that may be a personal best.  There was no confirmation of this, but -4 after nine is no small feat, considering that all-star David "the dentist" Stein and Matthew "walk in the park" Starkweather were at -5 and having good rounds.  Myself, having shot -3, and knowing the back nine is where I make my move, felt pretty comfortable looking at the score card.  

Nate shot 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9 with picture perfect drives.  Anyone who is a student of Nate's game may have seen a few shots taken by the wind, driven into the ground, or even just jumped out of the grip.  Not on these shots.  If there is a perfect lefty flick for each of those holes, nate found it.  Really something to behold.  

David held a steady game.  Many birdies, very few bogies, and solid play led to an overall -7 (best score of the day).  Matthew, who was  a dark horse pick for the annual "hey, let's ditch mom and play frolf" tournament, could not string together enough birdies to stop the inevitable.  In fact, a missed tee shot on 18 proved to be the crucial shot in a build up to destiny.

I played with fervor.  I played with style.  I played with two of Aaron Brun's discs and used them to my advantage.  After I bogied 17, and found myself judging from the bottom of the hill, and realized Nate Dogg had the score card, I found solace in my fortunate position.  With Matthew and I tied for first with a handicapped -7, I could make my decision for a shot after seeing where he ended up.  A short, hard turning shot past the score board and nowhere near the uprights allowed my to lay-up and shoot for par and the win.  I have layed up a few times now and never had it work, but even though my shot landed at the base of the basket and rolled ten feet away, I buried the putt and took the whopping $15 awarded for such a small tournament.  I guess I will have to go on a tear and win my tournament and then two more to leave no doubt as to the consecutive-win record.  

Aloha, pau

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Special Tourny

Aloha all you frolfers out in cyberspace.  I would like to announce the terms and conditions of this month's special tournament.  

First off the tourny will be held at my house on what has been dubbed the "Joey Memorial Course".  It is a par 2 putter course that will be slightly modified down to 18 holes.   As it is a short par 2 course, we will play 3 rounds starting at 1:00 on Sunday May 17th.  There is no rules for discs other than PDGA approved plastic (I don't know if we ever set that for our regular sunday, so if it flies on the mendo course, it flies here).  This will be a doubles tournament where players come with partners.  If someone does not have a partner we will try to make last minute teams on the day of.  If there is an odd number, the single will play "California rules", which means they can choose one shot to take twice.  This means they do not get to shoot every shot on the course twice.  Please try to find a partner as this would be a last resort scenario.  Handicaps will apply.  Each team will average their handis and apply the .8 equalizer to try and create the most fair leveler.  The team with the lowest score after 3 rounds will be crowned special tourny champions.  Those two players will then play sudden-death from hole one to see who gets to keep the official trophy.  

Buy in will be the standard $5 per player but as we do not add our ace pot to the special tourney, there will be an optional $5 ace pool that will be reimbursed if there are no aces.  There are some short aceable holes, so instead of CTP prizes, if you would like to bring a prize we will have ace prizes.  The person who donates the prize can set the rules for winning; so if anyone has fun ideas for ways to hand them out (i.e. worst shot, most chained out ace runs, longest putt... )post them in the comments and we can organize it on the sunday.  

If you have a basket, post it on the comments so I can tally exactly how many we have.  As the course is set up now, we will need 10 plus the 2 I have here.  Maybe we could meet earlier to set up the course and allow folks to learn the layout and warm-up.  I will have a cooler with ice, so bring beverages and I thought we could bring food to get us through the day.  I will have some charcoal if we want to BBQ.  

Directions to my house.  North on Hwy 1 past cleone.  When you pass the sign for Inglenook, then the Grange on your left you are almost there.  After the big red barn house on your right, I am on the next block, Rosa Ln.  The road is on the right but the sign is on the left.  Make a right on Rosa and bear right at the fork.  I am the first house on the right, 26701 the blue house and you'll see my white toyota out front.  Try and carpool as there is not a huge amount of space to park cars.  

This is my home so lets all try and be respectful.  There will be trash and recycling cans on the course.  Please put butts in the trash cans.  I am glad to have you all come out and visit.  If you want to contact me, 964-2566 and I'll see you here on the 17th.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A little Birdy told me so

Attention Mendocino Coast Disc Golfers: this just in...a little birdy came to me as I was putting on hole 5 and told me that they saw Erin Hemmings (HemHaw) back from Baja ready to throw a mile, putt flick style, and birdy hole 17. I can't truly confirm this forsure but as that little birdy flew away (and belive me I tried to run after it and then throw my Destroyer at it to slow it down) it told me I better watch out on Sunday. I yelled, I screamed, "but little birdy, what Sunday should I prepare my best game". The little birdy laughed and laughed and laughed but it wouldn't tell me what Sunday I should prepare my so called "A game". I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Fine you little fucking birdy I will just prepare and bring my "A game" everytime out until I see the one, Erin Hemmings. The birdy continued to laugh...
Will we see Erin tomorrow? I don't have the answer just that little birdy does.
I also wanted to report on last week's game. The frolfers including: Me (Davey the dentist), Rye Bread (JD Salinger), Jim "back from Italy" Eldridge, AJ (Arvin Julius) in the first group. The second group which held the winner on this day was: Derrick "playing out of his mind with that fucking sweatshirt" D Money, Brian "snowboarding" Brody, the ever so spicy Roy, and Vince the Vincenzo. This day was weird in my group...even calling for a "pump me up huddle up" before throwing hole 11 becuase weird stuff was happening during the round. It should be mentioned that Jim refused the huddle up and I birdied hole 11...Jim what did you get on hole 11? Anyways, the winner on this day was Derrick with this writer coming in second place by a stroke. I was left, once again, scratching my head wondering why I can't break Rye Bread's record of 3 in a row...well getting a 5 on hole 3 doesn't help. Back to the drawing board.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

What could of been and what was.

Well, I find it necessary to report on the last Sunday Mendo tournament. "Conditions were perfect"-Flight of the Conchords. Anyways, this day saw 8 excited people go out for a beautiful round. The first Frolers including: Myself (David), Parksalot, Rusty, and B-Run. The second group was: Jimmerson, Roy, Nate Dog, and Vincenzo. Well lets start with my round and what was: Birdies--hole 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18. Pars--hole 2, 7, 8, 9, 13, 16, 17. Boges--None. Chain outs--hole 2 and 13. Well, I can't complain I shot an 11 down (8 under my handicap). Now lets consider what could of been if I would of chained IN on holes 2 and 13...I would of been 13 under...F*^*%! Well, I guess thats why we keep playing...right boys? I am forgetting the rest of the scores but I remember that B-Run came in second place and Rusty came in third. Well, I hate to bring it up (not really) but Rye Bread...I am knocking on the door again. I hope to see everyone tomorrow.


Warm ups for the KOA Jam

"They say that no one is perfect. Then they say practice makes perfect. I wish they would make up their minds." Word up Winston C.! There is no perfect, but you can get really close with practice. Just like you guys can hit under at the high school, with practice you can hit those scores at the KOA course.
So we went and practiced on Friday. Jim, Davey the Dentist, D-money, Roy, Rusty, and myself B of the Brody arrived at the KOA on a cool windy afternoon. We decided we should play a skins round. So as you probably know skins is a little different than your regular over all low score wins. This is a game of big birds, not the kind from Sesame St. These shots were for all or nothing. We started out with a round of big 2's that stole my "headbanger" on one. Over on hole two Derrick made us start working and no one was ready for the job. He took the first two skins with ease. We made the climb up to the long hole 3 where Jim showed us how to drive for a bird or ace with his Roadrunner. Even with the great drive the putt was a little long and left Jim and others with a still happy 3. We went on taking the skin out from each other. Made it past six with six dry disc, and the skin total adding up. On and on the holes went adding a skin with each. What a good skins round! So we come to hole 15 "The Saddle" if you will. Get on top and get ready to go for a ride. I was excited for this hole unlike some by the sounds of it. I was first up and this is for 13 skins. I fall short, but in the fair way and know I have a sealed 3. D-money steps up and out throws me. Derrick had the only real bird look. With Davey in the woods and Roy and Jim past me, I think to myself "Self, D has an easy 3 there goes my bucket of skins." At the same time Derrick is not only ready for his shot but he has handed me his camera so he could relive this moment over and over. Listen to the howl. Scary.

Oh I forgot Rusty landed his up shot dead in the can. The trash can. He is waiting to putt in the video.
That was that all of our money given to the one we nicknamed D-MONEY! Of course the round was not over and it really doesn't matter. But here it is anyway. Davey went on to take the next 2 skins with a nice bird on 17. Davey and I were tied for overall going into the 18th and I took the victory only because Davey really wanted that last skin. I also won the last skin in a CTP round with my rare flick. It was a wonderful round with ups and downs. Good times and bad times. Old people asking lots of questions and Yoda farting on the ride home. I will leave you with this: Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.
-Mary Ann Radmacher
With this creed or quote and some more trips to Willits the MFC will be unstoppable at the Pro-Am Jam. Thanks guys!