Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Brand Nubians or The Newby Brothers or What a Beautiful Day in Mendo

Well Frolfland, I must report that 2 semi-new (new at least to the Mendocino Frolf Club tournaments) frolfers are taking the coast by storm. Alex "Alexander Supertramp" and "Uncle Traveling Wilbury" Matt have came to play and came to stay (well actually I heard that Super-T is leaving soon). Anyways, Alexander Supertramp took first place by shooting something like 8 under his handicap and the Wilbury shot an impressive 3 under (7 under his handicap). I guess it helps to shoot 22 over and then play everyday and shoot 8 under your handicap...huh Alex? Erin "HemHaw" Hemmings shot an impressive 12 under (6 under his handicap) and walked away empty handed. Props to HemHaw...nice round. Anyways, fun tournament and the ace pot lives! Can anyone put up a picture of SuperT and/or Traveling Matt or both? Can someone put a picture of the score cards?

Lets take a vote about Fort Bragg Thursday Night Doubles...how wants to start at 5pm and who wants to start ot 6pm? I vote for starting at 5pm. Who is playing this thursday and what time do people want to play?



  1. Hey everybody read my blog and post a comment. Thanks.


  2. just kidding ;-) But seriously, I work on Thursday, so...no comment on that. And good job Alex the Supertramp and Matt the Travellin'. Hope to see you both at a Frolf game real soon.
    PS - check out those hot new side bar items!

  3. We decided it would start at 6. thats when it gets dark. And more people can make it. Sorry Davey, but its 6 this week. hope you can make it.

  4. Yo! Thanks guys for the props. I learned so much playin with y'all. I finally beat my brother when I came to visit at Crane Creek, scoring a -3 on 18, my best ever for that course.

    You haven't seen the last of Super-T! :-D

    Here is a pic of me, a link anyway, not sure how to add it to the blog:


    I've got one of UTM somewhere too...

  5. Yo, here is a pic of Uncle Matt as well:


    I think I need to be admin or something to actually post the pics here, yeah?

    Take care y'all. See you soon.