Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Scream

Saturday October 31, 2009 saw a grouping of four on the links at the Joey Memorial Frolf Course. At around 2PM Davey, AJ, Matthew and Myself joined up for the first real stroke play match on the before said frolf course. Without all the drama I will announce that a new record has been posted and the challenge to beat it is being heralded.
An early debate of the rules was settled and it was decided that no drivers and no thumbers were the only restrictions.
It was a see-saw battle that saw each player, for a portion of time, as the leader. Davey made an early play but some crucial missed putts late in the round prevented his normal dominant position at the end. Matthew showed what is becoming his signature style. Hitting nearly unfathomable putts. After three parked drives on #4 (no small task considering the left to right nature of the hole and the OB) Matthew drained a 50 footer to make a full birdie set. Strong play kept him in the game and hit the -5 that could have been much better if not for some short misses. I knew going into this thing that I was the favorite. Not only because of my rustic good looks but because I designed the course and shot probably a 100 rounds here. I actually thought I was going to bring down the record going into #15 (it's a 15 hole course). A double bogey later and I ended up in last place with a -3. Not very impressive. The championship grade game played today was thrown by non other that AJ. Who knew that the guy who buries 30 ft. putts at will and manhandles mid-rangers like they are little kittens would be able to dominate a par 3 pitch and putt. AJ never let up and hole by hole racked up the birdies, passed Davey and Matthew, passed me and then shot a hole #15 birdie to win the match and claim the record of -7.
AJ, let us know what you're drinkin' my man.
The course could hold a better score than that and I challenge us all to break it. We are looking at Christmas for the departure of this property, so in the meantime, let us play. I will try to schedule regular rounds out here, but I would love to rally up for anyone who wants to play.

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