Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8th 2009

And for those of you who cant see that great shot of the score cards it reads like this. We had some new blood this week, love seeing new faces. We had Seth come out and shot a +22, watch out that is how Alex started out. Then we had Terry shooting a +17. Steve shot a +12 for his first MFC score. Cary shot a great game at +4 only to be shown up by his son Dillon "a boy named Sue" +3. Jody and I joined the newby group and Jody shot a +8 and I shot a -6.

So on to the oldies but goodies. Rusty had a +7. Tim the Booneville boogie man shot a +9. Vince "Indy Jones" Koski recorded a +5. RyeBread finished with a E. Jim was -4.

On to the folks who started on 10. Nate shot a +11. Travelin' Matt shot a +5. Roy shot a +1. The return of Brian Storm was a +6 and a warm welcome home. This group also contained the tie for second witch was between Davey and Erin. Davey shot -9 and Erin shot -10, great rounds guys. There was a play off from the top of the world and Davey took home the money.

I hope this is the start of my threepete. See you all next week.

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  1. Frolfers,

    Wow, what a crazy day yesterday...I think our biggest turnout ever? Congrats to Brody on the win but I have one question-who is that guy on the blog and is he flicking? Nice backdrop...where is that? Portland? Hood River? What did people think of the shotgun start yesterday? My group ran into one cluster fuck...what is the best 3 starting points?