Monday, February 22, 2010

3 Strokes, Instant Karma, and other matters of importance.

Hello Frolfland! This was the weekend of 3 strokes. I lost to Erin HemHaw Hemulous Hemmings at the Ice Bowl by 3 strokes...he shot -17 and I shot -14 (over 27 holes). On Sunday, once again, I lost to Hemulie by 3 strokes...he shot -9 and I shot -6. Well, back to the drawing board.

In other news the First Annual Fort Bragg Ice Bowl was a hugh success. Three times again, a big Thank You to Dirka for making this happen. It seemed like everyone had a good time and it felt like a coming together of Mendocinoites (Albion and Elk including) and Fort Braggarts. It also saw the first tournament maybe even the first round of Oscar River's old man (Rye Bready Bread) who stepped out of the Spirit World for a few hours to grace us with his presence.

In other news it would appear as if Karma sometimes works instantly (someone should write a song about this). It appeared as if Karma took hold of a Speed Demon (brought to you by Gateway Discs) and guided it through the mini gap on hole 11 and directed it into the chains and the basket for a hole in 1. Thats right Derrick Dirka Dekendra hit an ace on hole 11 claiming a recently capped $250. Thats what a guy gets for putting on a fundraising disc golf tournament.

All and all it was a helluva weekend.

P.S. Heemulie, can you post the scores from Sunday? Thanks!


Erin here, posting the Sunday Scores
Jody +12
Jake +7
Brian +2
Jeremy 0
Erin -9
Nate +5
Derrick 0
Bryan 0
David -6
Mike +12
Uncle Matt -3
Greg +2
Vince -1


The first(annual?) Cary Letsinger memorial Fort Bragg Icebowl turned out better than i could of hoped for, mostly due to the person it was dedicated to. I am pleased to announce that we raised a woppin 900 dollars for the Fort Bragg food bank, and 172 pounds of good food!

The Breakdown went something like this:
210$ from entries
132$ ring of fire thank you Jody and all of you who helped keep that ball rollin.
74$ out loud auction great job Davey!!
410$ silent auctions thanks for bidding everyone
the hot dogs and soda raised like close to 70$ thanks Vince and Natalie

I feel like we all really came together there at the end to make this thing really fun and successful

Jeremy got the basket with 61 pounds of food
Davey was second with 29 and Natalie was 3rd with 20 pounds

Rec Div
Oscar Lopez 76
Mike Ryken 93
Zack Gamblane 94
Natalie Cotrell 99

Int Div
Uncle Travelin Matt 76
Jeremy Center 78
Josh Borges 79, Jake Smotherman 79. Josh takes 3rd in playoff
Brian Storms 80
Greg 84
Jody 88
Lindsey 90

ADV div
Matthew Starkweather 70
Derrick Robbings 71
A.J Buhl 72
Bryan Brody 74
Vince Koski 74
Ryan Magee 77
Dennis Haul 77

Open Div
Erin Hemmings 64
Davey 67
Jim Eldridge 72

The trophy's were amazing thanks so much Ric and Jason from catch a canoe. The scorecards were really special and well made thanks Erin. Thanks to everyone who improved the course, Big Ups to Brodys for helping with everything and getting bunches of killer minis and discs and stickers, we likey phat players packs. Be sure to thank any of our sponsors when you go to there establishments, im sure it wont hurt if/when we want to do more tournaments. The bench thay Nate dizzle so generously donated was all mounted and beautiful at tee 9 today.Everyone pitched in and kept up the positivity really well,

you are all awesome!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

R.I.P. Cary

     For those of you who haven't heard, Dylan's father and our friend Cary passed away on Monday.  I was told this by Jeremy and Greg at the Fort Bragg course yesterday, and I was stunned.  Davey, Brian Storms and I spent part of our Sunday night, the night before he died, teaching him how to play Liar's dice at Patterson's.  He loved it.  I don't have any information about his cause of death, other than overhearing him talk at the course on Sunday about how he had had brain tumors in the past.  What a kind and nice man.  I know he had rallied to collect a huge number of gifts for the Ice Bowl, and more than a few people at the course suggested we dedicate the Ice Bowl to him.  I think it's a fine idea.  I also think we should pass around a hat at the I.B. to collect some money to help with his funeral costs.  What a sad thing.  Rest in Peace, Cary.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taking the Long Way Home

Back in the darkest, deepest corner of the national library, an account of the great frolfer Hans Von Leiderstraten was recovered. In it are stories of the now infamous "Three Day Playoff". Where Hans and arch rival Ted "The Neutralizer" Davies were tied after 18 holes of regulation frolf and proceeded to play an unprecedented three whole days of sudden death frolf. Without the modern conveniences of cell phones, a runner had to be used to order pizzas, breakfast sandwiches (bacon, egg and cheese), lemonade and of course ice cream. A detailed description of Hans' "Special Sock" was full of life and vigor. I did not know that Hans' great uncle had worn the sock during the first World War and it had been repaired by Grandma Leiderstraten over one-hundred times. It is no wonder Hans used it to wipe the dew off of his drivers during early morning rounds.
Having read these accounts (I will only share more of the legendary stories if there is a request for them) I should not be the only one who sees the resemblance to the MFC's own Erin Hemmings. First of all both of their given names have only four letters in them. You are probably furrowing your brow and saying "but Ryan, you too only have four letters in your given name". A keen observer you are and I say Jodi too has only four letters in that first of all names. It appears there are more champions in our club than first suspected. However, none of us have placed a shot from the tee for #17 right below the basket for a drop in birdie. A feat only accomplished by Hans before the advent of Erin. I believe Hans and Erin share the same like of Pizza, the italian dish of a bread-like pie crust filled with tomato sauce, cheese and anything else left in ice box. Both men have been known to eat this treat from time to time. If you are having your doubts about the connection between these two great frolfers look no further than the article written about Erin and passed around in photo-stat form by Johnny Quest. The picture holds Erin in a smiling portrait pose. It appears that Erin had just finished 9th period in his junior year of high school. At one point Hans Von Leiderstraten too went to high school and he too had at one point had his picture taken right after 9th period during his junior year. Amazingly Hans did not look like a fresh faced long distance frisbee throw record holder but rather like an old man. Hans spent his entire life with long legs and arms and a very short torso giving him the "Old Man in the Mountain" look (Count Basie for the Jazz fans out there). When he grew his beard at age 15, the white hairs grew as far as the ground and held up right there. Amazing.
Happy Frolfing

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lucky Number 12!

Roger Staubach, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Nameth, and Randall Cunningham all wore number 12...the same number I shot under on Sunday. Maybe I did it for little Fro Montana aka Oscar the grouch aka River Bed aka Lil Bread aka Oscar River Magee who may someday play quarterback for the Detroit Lions and wear lucky number 12. Maybe River will bring a Golden Super Bowl Victory to the city of Detroit in the great year of 2032. Only time will tell. Well, we had a fun round on Sunday with 11 determined frolfers. News Update: prior to the round we voted and decided to cap the ace pot at $250. It would seem appropriate that someone would ace after we decided to cap it but this did not happen but I did birdie hole number 17 on a Banshee second shot hyzer threw the trees with no chains (Baltimore B was the only person to witness it go in the basket). "It's in" he says "It stayed in" he repeats. Davey the dentist Stein threw up his arms in near victory only to go on and birdie hole 18. Wow, what a round! News Update Number 2: we are trying to hold a meeting sometime this week (depending on Dirka's schedule) before the Ice Bowl to tie up any loose ends. Dirka, what day and time works for you? Greg won a generously donated bottle of wine from Jimmerson on a CTP on hole 7. Erin Hemulous took second shooting -11 (4 under his hc). I am forgetting the rest of the scores but it goes something like this:

Davey D: -12 (-7 under hc)
HemHaw: -11 (-4 under hc)
Smelldridge: -7 (-3 under hc)
Tanweather: -4 (-4 or -3 under hc)
I can't remeber the rest...Tanweather, can you post the scores?


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ozzie the Bear

So you thought that the course record was safe. -15 seems like a decent score. Some of you are content with your bag tags and feel as if they are safe and sound in your possession. You are all sadly mistaken. It may take 20 years, it may take a life time but Oscar River Magee is and will always be my little champion. Aloha, pau.

Friday, February 12, 2010

8 lbs.

It's a boy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Happy Sunny Tuesday, people!

On this inspiring sun-washed morning, I'd just like to point out something I've noticed as this wild MFC experiment has continued to tumble forward:

Something sort of odd has been unfolding.  Every one of us is contributing a lot to making this thing go.  A partial list of peeps and accomplishments:

Erin built the course, designed the B course, started the blog, got his talented art-designer Mom to design us a killer logo, schools us all on how to play, and constantly boggles us with that arm.  

Matthew had the initial idea of the MFC and spearheaded the whole gig, is our unofficial president, handles the handicapping, and loves to say Eeeleven.

Ryan has hosted numerous tourneys at his old property, and holds the holy grail of the tournament three-peat, the ethereal goal which recedes before the rest of us like Mendo fog in October.

Davey is the ace-pot czar, the first-ever tourney ace-maker, and unofficial MFC cheerleader during tourneys.

I got the bag-tags up and running, as well as providing a baseline level of logo coolness with the scrawl of the 18th hole scene.  That's right.

Nate has the clubhouse in Mendo, collects membership cash, hosts poker parties, was the clearinghouse for the logo entrants, and continues to pioneer the use of the super-long-driver as a putter.

Derrick has blazed on the Icebowl, as well as pulling together a viable set of bagtag rules, and having a world-class pastry chef for a girlfriend.

AJ and Vince help rock the Thursday doubles rounds in Fort Bragg, extending the reach of the MFC into foreign lands.

The Linzenator owns the coolest tourney ace on record, as well as one of the best tourney chick rounds ever, and keeps the boys honest.

The Brodys contribute off-the-charts positive energy when they are around, as well as owning the chick record, and being the first to post MFC-related videos on youtube ~and~ produce an MFC sticker.

On top of all that, we all bring in CTPs, and we'll all end up eventually hosting a special tourney.

Usually with things like this, you've got one or two people keeping the thing together, without which everything would disappear.  With our gig, I feel like half the people on this list could leave the country for a year, and they could return with everything intact and grooving along, with meetings having been held, membership having grown, important improvements having been made, etc..  It's like everyone is carrying a piece of this thing, and everyone knows it.  Like an all-star team or something. It's cool shit, is all I'm saying.

Just wanted to testify.


Monday, February 8, 2010

What would YOU want

so i im wondering what would you choose to be your top 3 to get printed for a mendo logo disc??

i think id like
1 good ole dx aviar p&a , very cheap and universal
2 star aviar driver BB? never used one but i want one
3 new fancy star rocs

Montezuma's Revenge

As Yoga Berri once opined- "95% percent of this game is half mental"- Of course he was referring to baseball, but I think all who read this blog on a regular basis will concur- Disc golf is played as much in your head as on the course-
So it was on a cloudy and occasionally brisk Superbowl Sunday morning- yes morning- as 11 brave souls ventured out blinking in AM no less- to allow for some shameless old fashioned American consumption later in the day at on their couches watching the Superbowl.
While your humble author may not speak for the other groups who competed in these less than ideal conditions, our group (myself, Davey "MFing" D, Jeremy "Parking Lot", and Johnny "Football #'s" Quest) started on hole three, and we watched as the wind carried three of our first four drives and deposited them harmlessly away from the basket. We were quickly reminded us that on a day like that day, a kick in par was nothing to be disappointed in.
Despite the images of Vince nailing 50 foot putts every other hole, and a blurry image of Jim calmly knocking down some 25 footers, little was heard from the other groups. In fact, little was heard from our group, and after the first four holes, I felt lucky have hit some nerve racking, wind buffeted par saves to stay even. When my drive on seven was immediately elevatored into another dimension, forcing a rare re-tee, things did not look good for the sun bronzed, rested golfer who hadn't so much as pick up a disc for over three weeks. Calmly my thoughts turned to the ace pool, to the Superbowl, to the ice bowl. As the say in Mexico- "Manana" (and they have that cool key on the keyboard with the squiggly line over the n so you can spell manana correctly)
But on this day, there was no tomorrow, only yesterday, and Parky Brewster started hitting birdies, 6 in all, with more than one legitimate ace run mixed in, to climb back into contention. With the smooth pull of opening a cold tecate on a hot sunny afternoon, he slid a 30 footer in on 15, then got thru the 17/18 gauntlet unscathed (bogey bird combo) and by the time his kick in bird on 2 rattled home he was all alone in 1st place, 3 below his handi.
Only one other player was able to best there handi on this day- Greg- to take second place and secure his third straight tourney in the money (I believe)
The scores (not handied) are below, and I do not dare deface the beauty of the disc with our logo on it above with my ugly mug. See you all next Sunday.
-Parkxico Birdess

Greg +1
Vince +4
Rye Bread -1
Drock -1
Nate D +7
Jimmers -4
E Hems -6
Jeremy +12
Johnny +1
Matthew -3
DStein -5

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Logo...!

The votes are in and we have a new MFC logo as voted upon by all club members, (including Matthew). The race was very tight with:

5 votes for #11 (hole 18 through the uprights) Artist: unknown
5 votes for #7 (towering redwoods) Artist: Jen

8 votes for the winning entry#3 (Cypress Chains)
Artist and recipient of the $50 prize: Tamra Whitney

I thought all three finalists were pretty awesome and made for a whatever-wins-is-great outcome. Thanks artists!!

As a club we had agreed a couple weeks back to award $25 to the High School entrant with the most votes. That entry was #12 (smiley headband dude) with 5 votes, very nice job. Also, this entry was very close to making the top three!
(High School Runner Up)

List of voters:
Baltimore Brian

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Wrap-Up

So for those waiting on the edge of their seat for news of Sunday, the first and most important nugget: there was no ace. That's right, the ace pot is now teetering on the edge of 3 bills! At this point I think we've got to give serious thought to capping the reward for the next ace, so we have a nice healthy start on the next one. In my opinion, we ought to, at the very least, cap it at $300, if not $250. I would probably vote for $250.

But I digress. There was some very fine golf played, and the rumors were true: some of it, against all odds, was played by Elderberry. Starting on hole 5, he put together a solid birdie-birdie start, but things began to look dim as he became stuck in neutral, parring the next 4 holes in unremarkable fashion. But after a risky throw on the 11th yielded a kick-in birdie, he was back on point, birdieing 12 (snagging AJ's fine Patterson's Pub cap CTP in the process!), 13, 14 and 15 in succession. Missing his birdie try on 16, he then parred 17, and birdied 18, 1, 2, and 3 before closing his round with one of those bounce-out birdie putts where you hit the center of the chains with a gentle throw and still the thing finds a way to kick out (we need a name for those...). Just a reminder that the disc golf gods, and not we, are the ones in charge out there. The final tally was an 11 under, 8 under his handicap, and narrowly edging a fantastic round of 6 under his handi for Greg, who netted a ten-spot for his fine efforts. Special note should also be made of AJ's second CTP, an amorphous anenome-like blob of bright-pink latex, won by Erin on hole 8, and contributed by him to EBerry's very grateful daughter Mae, who began inventing games with the thing immediately upon receipt. Thanks to AJ and Erin on Mae's behalf!

Lastly, four more bag tags were given out Sunday, the excited new recipients being AJ, Vince, Johnny, and Lindsey, who promised she would be out playing again as soon as the time-change allowed her to. Cheers to that, and cheers to all!

Sundays Scores:
Joey: 0
Greg: -2
AJ: +2
D-Rock: +3
Vince: +4
Johnny: +7
Jim: -11
Erin: -7
Jeremy: -2
Cary: +5
Nate: 0
Scuba: +16