Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Wrap-Up

So for those waiting on the edge of their seat for news of Sunday, the first and most important nugget: there was no ace. That's right, the ace pot is now teetering on the edge of 3 bills! At this point I think we've got to give serious thought to capping the reward for the next ace, so we have a nice healthy start on the next one. In my opinion, we ought to, at the very least, cap it at $300, if not $250. I would probably vote for $250.

But I digress. There was some very fine golf played, and the rumors were true: some of it, against all odds, was played by Elderberry. Starting on hole 5, he put together a solid birdie-birdie start, but things began to look dim as he became stuck in neutral, parring the next 4 holes in unremarkable fashion. But after a risky throw on the 11th yielded a kick-in birdie, he was back on point, birdieing 12 (snagging AJ's fine Patterson's Pub cap CTP in the process!), 13, 14 and 15 in succession. Missing his birdie try on 16, he then parred 17, and birdied 18, 1, 2, and 3 before closing his round with one of those bounce-out birdie putts where you hit the center of the chains with a gentle throw and still the thing finds a way to kick out (we need a name for those...). Just a reminder that the disc golf gods, and not we, are the ones in charge out there. The final tally was an 11 under, 8 under his handicap, and narrowly edging a fantastic round of 6 under his handi for Greg, who netted a ten-spot for his fine efforts. Special note should also be made of AJ's second CTP, an amorphous anenome-like blob of bright-pink latex, won by Erin on hole 8, and contributed by him to EBerry's very grateful daughter Mae, who began inventing games with the thing immediately upon receipt. Thanks to AJ and Erin on Mae's behalf!

Lastly, four more bag tags were given out Sunday, the excited new recipients being AJ, Vince, Johnny, and Lindsey, who promised she would be out playing again as soon as the time-change allowed her to. Cheers to that, and cheers to all!

Sundays Scores:
Joey: 0
Greg: -2
AJ: +2
D-Rock: +3
Vince: +4
Johnny: +7
Jim: -11
Erin: -7
Jeremy: -2
Cary: +5
Nate: 0
Scuba: +16

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  1. Thanks for the update Smeldestberry. Who collected the score cards? I think this is the only non doubles tournament since ParkCun has been gone so just these scores need to be calculated into the handicaps. Cheers!