Monday, February 8, 2010

Montezuma's Revenge

As Yoga Berri once opined- "95% percent of this game is half mental"- Of course he was referring to baseball, but I think all who read this blog on a regular basis will concur- Disc golf is played as much in your head as on the course-
So it was on a cloudy and occasionally brisk Superbowl Sunday morning- yes morning- as 11 brave souls ventured out blinking in AM no less- to allow for some shameless old fashioned American consumption later in the day at on their couches watching the Superbowl.
While your humble author may not speak for the other groups who competed in these less than ideal conditions, our group (myself, Davey "MFing" D, Jeremy "Parking Lot", and Johnny "Football #'s" Quest) started on hole three, and we watched as the wind carried three of our first four drives and deposited them harmlessly away from the basket. We were quickly reminded us that on a day like that day, a kick in par was nothing to be disappointed in.
Despite the images of Vince nailing 50 foot putts every other hole, and a blurry image of Jim calmly knocking down some 25 footers, little was heard from the other groups. In fact, little was heard from our group, and after the first four holes, I felt lucky have hit some nerve racking, wind buffeted par saves to stay even. When my drive on seven was immediately elevatored into another dimension, forcing a rare re-tee, things did not look good for the sun bronzed, rested golfer who hadn't so much as pick up a disc for over three weeks. Calmly my thoughts turned to the ace pool, to the Superbowl, to the ice bowl. As the say in Mexico- "Manana" (and they have that cool key on the keyboard with the squiggly line over the n so you can spell manana correctly)
But on this day, there was no tomorrow, only yesterday, and Parky Brewster started hitting birdies, 6 in all, with more than one legitimate ace run mixed in, to climb back into contention. With the smooth pull of opening a cold tecate on a hot sunny afternoon, he slid a 30 footer in on 15, then got thru the 17/18 gauntlet unscathed (bogey bird combo) and by the time his kick in bird on 2 rattled home he was all alone in 1st place, 3 below his handi.
Only one other player was able to best there handi on this day- Greg- to take second place and secure his third straight tourney in the money (I believe)
The scores (not handied) are below, and I do not dare deface the beauty of the disc with our logo on it above with my ugly mug. See you all next Sunday.
-Parkxico Birdess

Greg +1
Vince +4
Rye Bread -1
Drock -1
Nate D +7
Jimmers -4
E Hems -6
Jeremy +12
Johnny +1
Matthew -3
DStein -5


  1. nice recap parky, erin what happened to the ace pot cap voting widget i though tthat was pretty cool

  2. Hey E, is that really a printed disc, or just virtually printed? In any case, love the font change! Much more suave (pronounced swave).

    Are we going to print up a bunch of discs or what? I want one! Maybe a few. I'd love a putter with that on it.

  3. MFC,

    First off that FUCKING DISC on the blog looks FUCKING AWESOME! Wow, I must say that I doubted that logo but what can I looks Rad (short for radically). Anyways, nice write up Parkxico (who by the way went to Michigan State...Plaxico Burress that is, not Paxico Burress his twin disc golf brother who I think attended Cal Davis).

    I am wondering about the ace pot cap voting and how we are going to get all the votes? and by when? Are we going to try to get some votes next Sunday at tournament and cap it before we tee off? Nate Dizzle Dog - can you call Booneville Dave and get his vote? Erin - do you want to do another blog voting system for the Brodys and who ever else? Are the choices for the cap $150, $200, $250, $300, and No Cap?


  4. Hey nice write up Parxico. I hope everyone gets a chance to hit the polls on the right -------->
    You have to sign in to the blog to vote. The hot stamp poll lets you pick your four favorites then hit vote and all four are entered. You can't change your vote, and it only lets you vote once.

  5. Something's wonky with the handicaps. My "most recent score" is incorrect, as are other peoples as well. The correct ones are at the top of this post. El Presidente?