Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Happy Sunny Tuesday, people!

On this inspiring sun-washed morning, I'd just like to point out something I've noticed as this wild MFC experiment has continued to tumble forward:

Something sort of odd has been unfolding.  Every one of us is contributing a lot to making this thing go.  A partial list of peeps and accomplishments:

Erin built the course, designed the B course, started the blog, got his talented art-designer Mom to design us a killer logo, schools us all on how to play, and constantly boggles us with that arm.  

Matthew had the initial idea of the MFC and spearheaded the whole gig, is our unofficial president, handles the handicapping, and loves to say Eeeleven.

Ryan has hosted numerous tourneys at his old property, and holds the holy grail of the tournament three-peat, the ethereal goal which recedes before the rest of us like Mendo fog in October.

Davey is the ace-pot czar, the first-ever tourney ace-maker, and unofficial MFC cheerleader during tourneys.

I got the bag-tags up and running, as well as providing a baseline level of logo coolness with the scrawl of the 18th hole scene.  That's right.

Nate has the clubhouse in Mendo, collects membership cash, hosts poker parties, was the clearinghouse for the logo entrants, and continues to pioneer the use of the super-long-driver as a putter.

Derrick has blazed on the Icebowl, as well as pulling together a viable set of bagtag rules, and having a world-class pastry chef for a girlfriend.

AJ and Vince help rock the Thursday doubles rounds in Fort Bragg, extending the reach of the MFC into foreign lands.

The Linzenator owns the coolest tourney ace on record, as well as one of the best tourney chick rounds ever, and keeps the boys honest.

The Brodys contribute off-the-charts positive energy when they are around, as well as owning the chick record, and being the first to post MFC-related videos on youtube ~and~ produce an MFC sticker.

On top of all that, we all bring in CTPs, and we'll all end up eventually hosting a special tourney.

Usually with things like this, you've got one or two people keeping the thing together, without which everything would disappear.  With our gig, I feel like half the people on this list could leave the country for a year, and they could return with everything intact and grooving along, with meetings having been held, membership having grown, important improvements having been made, etc..  It's like everyone is carrying a piece of this thing, and everyone knows it.  Like an all-star team or something. It's cool shit, is all I'm saying.

Just wanted to testify.



  1. I am also very stoked to be part of this club. Everybody does their part and its awesome. Thanks for the props Jim.

    I would like to add this person to the praise:

    Rick Hemmings. My Dad and I partnered in building the course, as well as the "B" course. I believe I first got into disc golf and wanted a course...somewhere. But rick came up with the High school site, made it a reality and should be credited.

  2. It was more of an MFC ramble, and despite our urging, Rick hasn't really wanted to be an active member. But yeah, he gets a lot of cred for the course, and for promoting and supporting disc in the area, fo sho.

  3. Amen brothers and big ups to Rich Hem to the Haw.
    Really cant wait to get down there and play some golf.

  4. Thanks for the props Flames Helldridge! Rick, where are you? We need your understableness...I forgot how to throw a Roadrunner and Comet...I need a lesson...quick. I might also stroke my own feathers (is that a phrase?) and give a big thumbs up for DaveyD for meeting with the Fort Bragg high school art teacher who introduced us to Happy Headband and the Shark Flicker. Thanks again Jimmy and thanks for hosting the Super Bowl...it almost felt like Bourbon Street in your house.


  5. I was just wondering if our club would be willing to make a donation from our ace pot to a ace pot for the Ice Bowl. Maybe like 50 bucks or something just to sweeten the fun of it. If anyone thinks it is worth voting for then we should vote on it. Give me some feed back on what you think.

    And we are going to be playing the Garberville course on Monday (weather permitting) If anyone wants to meet up for a new course let us know. You can check it out on dgcoursereview.com

  6. And we are going to be playing the Garberville course on Monday (weather permitting) If anyone wants to meet up for a new course let us know. You can check it out on dgcoursereview.com

    Jake the Snake and sweet Baby D is coming! Get a hold of them is you are interested! Bag tag event! I am calling out Indy Vinchinzo! Then the rest of you!
    Hope you all are doing wonderful!

  7. And yes I did say them is you are interested!
    And no I have no idea why, well yes I do.
    Happy discin',

  8. dont forget the donated tee box dirt,at the college course.