Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taking the Long Way Home

Back in the darkest, deepest corner of the national library, an account of the great frolfer Hans Von Leiderstraten was recovered. In it are stories of the now infamous "Three Day Playoff". Where Hans and arch rival Ted "The Neutralizer" Davies were tied after 18 holes of regulation frolf and proceeded to play an unprecedented three whole days of sudden death frolf. Without the modern conveniences of cell phones, a runner had to be used to order pizzas, breakfast sandwiches (bacon, egg and cheese), lemonade and of course ice cream. A detailed description of Hans' "Special Sock" was full of life and vigor. I did not know that Hans' great uncle had worn the sock during the first World War and it had been repaired by Grandma Leiderstraten over one-hundred times. It is no wonder Hans used it to wipe the dew off of his drivers during early morning rounds.
Having read these accounts (I will only share more of the legendary stories if there is a request for them) I should not be the only one who sees the resemblance to the MFC's own Erin Hemmings. First of all both of their given names have only four letters in them. You are probably furrowing your brow and saying "but Ryan, you too only have four letters in your given name". A keen observer you are and I say Jodi too has only four letters in that first of all names. It appears there are more champions in our club than first suspected. However, none of us have placed a shot from the tee for #17 right below the basket for a drop in birdie. A feat only accomplished by Hans before the advent of Erin. I believe Hans and Erin share the same like of Pizza, the italian dish of a bread-like pie crust filled with tomato sauce, cheese and anything else left in ice box. Both men have been known to eat this treat from time to time. If you are having your doubts about the connection between these two great frolfers look no further than the article written about Erin and passed around in photo-stat form by Johnny Quest. The picture holds Erin in a smiling portrait pose. It appears that Erin had just finished 9th period in his junior year of high school. At one point Hans Von Leiderstraten too went to high school and he too had at one point had his picture taken right after 9th period during his junior year. Amazingly Hans did not look like a fresh faced long distance frisbee throw record holder but rather like an old man. Hans spent his entire life with long legs and arms and a very short torso giving him the "Old Man in the Mountain" look (Count Basie for the Jazz fans out there). When he grew his beard at age 15, the white hairs grew as far as the ground and held up right there. Amazing.
Happy Frolfing


  1. After reading this I don't know what to say...I laughed, I cried, it was like an Oscar (pun intended) winning movie. Cheers!


  2. I was so excited to finally discover Erin's true celebrity frolf doppelganger. However, upon googling "Hans Von Leiderstraten", I was presented with exactly one result (which avid googlers will admit is almost unheard of). The single result is "MFC: Taking the Long Way Home". Uncanny, isn't it?