Monday, February 15, 2010

Lucky Number 12!

Roger Staubach, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Nameth, and Randall Cunningham all wore number 12...the same number I shot under on Sunday. Maybe I did it for little Fro Montana aka Oscar the grouch aka River Bed aka Lil Bread aka Oscar River Magee who may someday play quarterback for the Detroit Lions and wear lucky number 12. Maybe River will bring a Golden Super Bowl Victory to the city of Detroit in the great year of 2032. Only time will tell. Well, we had a fun round on Sunday with 11 determined frolfers. News Update: prior to the round we voted and decided to cap the ace pot at $250. It would seem appropriate that someone would ace after we decided to cap it but this did not happen but I did birdie hole number 17 on a Banshee second shot hyzer threw the trees with no chains (Baltimore B was the only person to witness it go in the basket). "It's in" he says "It stayed in" he repeats. Davey the dentist Stein threw up his arms in near victory only to go on and birdie hole 18. Wow, what a round! News Update Number 2: we are trying to hold a meeting sometime this week (depending on Dirka's schedule) before the Ice Bowl to tie up any loose ends. Dirka, what day and time works for you? Greg won a generously donated bottle of wine from Jimmerson on a CTP on hole 7. Erin Hemulous took second shooting -11 (4 under his hc). I am forgetting the rest of the scores but it goes something like this:

Davey D: -12 (-7 under hc)
HemHaw: -11 (-4 under hc)
Smelldridge: -7 (-3 under hc)
Tanweather: -4 (-4 or -3 under hc)
I can't remeber the rest...Tanweather, can you post the scores?



  1. Sounds like a nice round Davey.

    So $250 is the current ace pot amount, with a second pot hovering around $75-ish? What is the cap on the second pot?

  2. ... and that 2nd shot on 17 sounds like it may as well have been an ace!

  3. Linz, you know better than to pump up a guy who already "strokes his own feathers" like Davey...

  4. Did I really say that? Wow, that must be a Davidism.


  5. Good jod Davey, It must be easy to do dental work on yourself with such a big head! Just Kidding! Sorry had to do it! Hope all is going well if anyone wants to frolf give jody and I a call 5413996529

  6. i can meet any time this week sooner is better than later i suppose