Monday, February 22, 2010


The first(annual?) Cary Letsinger memorial Fort Bragg Icebowl turned out better than i could of hoped for, mostly due to the person it was dedicated to. I am pleased to announce that we raised a woppin 900 dollars for the Fort Bragg food bank, and 172 pounds of good food!

The Breakdown went something like this:
210$ from entries
132$ ring of fire thank you Jody and all of you who helped keep that ball rollin.
74$ out loud auction great job Davey!!
410$ silent auctions thanks for bidding everyone
the hot dogs and soda raised like close to 70$ thanks Vince and Natalie

I feel like we all really came together there at the end to make this thing really fun and successful

Jeremy got the basket with 61 pounds of food
Davey was second with 29 and Natalie was 3rd with 20 pounds

Rec Div
Oscar Lopez 76
Mike Ryken 93
Zack Gamblane 94
Natalie Cotrell 99

Int Div
Uncle Travelin Matt 76
Jeremy Center 78
Josh Borges 79, Jake Smotherman 79. Josh takes 3rd in playoff
Brian Storms 80
Greg 84
Jody 88
Lindsey 90

ADV div
Matthew Starkweather 70
Derrick Robbings 71
A.J Buhl 72
Bryan Brody 74
Vince Koski 74
Ryan Magee 77
Dennis Haul 77

Open Div
Erin Hemmings 64
Davey 67
Jim Eldridge 72

The trophy's were amazing thanks so much Ric and Jason from catch a canoe. The scorecards were really special and well made thanks Erin. Thanks to everyone who improved the course, Big Ups to Brodys for helping with everything and getting bunches of killer minis and discs and stickers, we likey phat players packs. Be sure to thank any of our sponsors when you go to there establishments, im sure it wont hurt if/when we want to do more tournaments. The bench thay Nate dizzle so generously donated was all mounted and beautiful at tee 9 today.Everyone pitched in and kept up the positivity really well,

you are all awesome!!!!!


  1. My first official tournament, and officially the most disc golf i've ever played in one day. amazing how it all came together so wonderfully. everyone had fun and look at all the good we did!

    Jody, i took the liberty of moving us to the intermediate category, but if i'm wrong, let me know. i know i played intermediate...

    For the Food Bank!

  2. woops sorry if i put ya in the wrong spot