Wednesday, February 17, 2010

R.I.P. Cary

     For those of you who haven't heard, Dylan's father and our friend Cary passed away on Monday.  I was told this by Jeremy and Greg at the Fort Bragg course yesterday, and I was stunned.  Davey, Brian Storms and I spent part of our Sunday night, the night before he died, teaching him how to play Liar's dice at Patterson's.  He loved it.  I don't have any information about his cause of death, other than overhearing him talk at the course on Sunday about how he had had brain tumors in the past.  What a kind and nice man.  I know he had rallied to collect a huge number of gifts for the Ice Bowl, and more than a few people at the course suggested we dedicate the Ice Bowl to him.  I think it's a fine idea.  I also think we should pass around a hat at the I.B. to collect some money to help with his funeral costs.  What a sad thing.  Rest in Peace, Cary.


  1. Thanks Jim for posting the sad news. I wish I could write an eloquent eulogy to Cary but I hardly knew him. I know that he was an enthusiastic participant to our tourneys, and he and Dylan usually came with a CTP, a smile and a positive attitude. Hard to believe we were shooting the shit Sunday after tourney and now he's gone. The same week one of our peers becomes a father another one loses theirs- a sobering reminder of the beauty and the impermenance of life. Lets us cherish our own and the health of our friends and pray for and help Cary's family in anyway we feel we can. I'm glad the Ice Bowl is a fundraiser for a good cause- lets all come out and celebrate life.


  2. Cary was a great guy to frolf with, always positive,and smiling, he also had a ton of energy to help out with the ice bowl and the fort bragg course i think he had some past experience with collecting donations and organizing events, he also got the rental of the machine that we used to stamp down the pads donated, i really enjoyed getting excited for the tourney with him. He was really stoked . i think dedicating the icebowl to him is a wonderful idea, also when we were putting the tees in he kinda had the plan for nine, which is probably the nicest tee i think it would be great to make some kinda memorial plaque on a rock or a stump or something at that tee. lets talk at the meeting tomorrow, 5 at northcoast right