Monday, February 22, 2010

3 Strokes, Instant Karma, and other matters of importance.

Hello Frolfland! This was the weekend of 3 strokes. I lost to Erin HemHaw Hemulous Hemmings at the Ice Bowl by 3 strokes...he shot -17 and I shot -14 (over 27 holes). On Sunday, once again, I lost to Hemulie by 3 strokes...he shot -9 and I shot -6. Well, back to the drawing board.

In other news the First Annual Fort Bragg Ice Bowl was a hugh success. Three times again, a big Thank You to Dirka for making this happen. It seemed like everyone had a good time and it felt like a coming together of Mendocinoites (Albion and Elk including) and Fort Braggarts. It also saw the first tournament maybe even the first round of Oscar River's old man (Rye Bready Bread) who stepped out of the Spirit World for a few hours to grace us with his presence.

In other news it would appear as if Karma sometimes works instantly (someone should write a song about this). It appeared as if Karma took hold of a Speed Demon (brought to you by Gateway Discs) and guided it through the mini gap on hole 11 and directed it into the chains and the basket for a hole in 1. Thats right Derrick Dirka Dekendra hit an ace on hole 11 claiming a recently capped $250. Thats what a guy gets for putting on a fundraising disc golf tournament.

All and all it was a helluva weekend.

P.S. Heemulie, can you post the scores from Sunday? Thanks!


Erin here, posting the Sunday Scores
Jody +12
Jake +7
Brian +2
Jeremy 0
Erin -9
Nate +5
Derrick 0
Bryan 0
David -6
Mike +12
Uncle Matt -3
Greg +2
Vince -1


  1. I would add that i only trough that disc once ever, earlier that day as a warm up, its the mfc print speed demon from gateway

  2. Great job Roc man- Glad somebody finally one... it sounds like an amazing shot. I should been there...
    What's the pot now???


  3. Parkahontas,

    To answer your question there is $88.31 (now) in the ace pot. Iceweather coming to the Ice Bowl in Ukiah?


  4. Great win Matt. Great Ace D! Cant wait to get back down and drop my 10 on one of you suckas.
    Good luck MFC at the Ice Bowl.