Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MFC Represents!

It was a rainy day on Saturday the 27th day of February where 4 brave souls ventured off the island towards inland Mendocino County. Those 4 people were none other than moi daveythedentalhygieniststein, UTM (Uncle Travelin' Matt), Erin HemHaw Hemulous Hemulie, and the Ice Bowl Master Dirka the Dekendra. The Ukiah Ice Bowl was the draw and we saw and we played with little flaw and came and kicked some ass. We were all able to play in one group with a cool Ukiah local named Scott. Other coasters showed up as well including: Jeremy Epic Thumber Center, Greg the G Man, Dennis, Johnny, and Josh. Highlights: 1. UTM tied for 6th place in his division and took home some plastic, 2. I tied for second (shooting -2) and lost the playoff, taking third place in the Advanced division and I took home some plastic, 3. Dirka (after thinking he registered for the advanced division) won the Intermediate division (shooting -1) taking home a shit ton of plastic, 4. Erin, after a rough start, somehow managed to hit putts actually going through trees and several 50 footers and won are card (shooting -4), 4. Jeremey aced hole 15.

After Ukiah we (moi, UTM, Dirka, and HemHaw) went to Willits and played a bag tag challenge and Hemulie held onto number 1 shooting a riduculous -11. Dirka took down the number 2 (moi) shooting an impressive -4...I ended shooting -3...I am forgeting what UTM shot.

Onto the Mendo Weekly...I won it, shooting -10 (5 under hc) and Hemulie came in second shooting -10 (4 under his hc). Vince, Baltimore B, and someone else tied for 3rd shooting 3 under hc. Whiskeyweather, can you post the scores? Thanks y'all...Willits here we come...



  1. Nice job on sunday AND saturday davey! woo woo!

  2. Nice one MFC! Keep up the good work... Sacro for St.Pattys and Feather River Open at the end of the month?

  3. You guys should check out our weekly doubles at Low Gap- $5 a head and we flip for teams. Every saturday at 10:00am! Nice playoff btw- Great group of guys and some skilled players as well- peace!

  4. i totally can make both these tourneys, i really want some phreinds to go to the st pattys tourney near orangevale (sac). anyone interested? club road trip??

  5. I just got the flier for the feather river open...I'm in for that one...I would totally do the st. patty's day one but I'm working on friday :)

    Uncle travelin' matt :)