Monday, March 15, 2010


Hemulous shot 15 down, the rest of us sucked, and thats all that needs to be said. No, really though, a BIG congrats to HemHaw (again) for breaking? tying? the course record on a windy day. Also, a big thank you to Hemmings for organizing the "Put the Baskets Back in their Rightful Place" Day and thanks to all that came out and helped with puting the baskets in. It was a good turnout with 12 frolfers frolfing it up. Erin killed it and Roy and Baltimore B tied for second which sent them to the "Top of the World" shot which Roy won and took second place. It is worth noting that there were some bag tag challenges and placement switches. Matthew Parkahontas graciously lost his 4 tag to none other than yours truly and Baltimore B, Nate Dizzle, and someone else had a challenge. So, have we decided what time to have our tournaments for the month that the little league is on the field. 5pm won the vote but it seemed like some 5pm voters changed their tune a bit. I personally say 2pm. Anyone else in favor? Featherweather, can you post the scores? Lets gear up for Oroville.


I like how I can edit posts! I am all powerful!

Heres the scores:

Johnny Q +7
Jeremy +8
Roy +4
Brian +5
Nate +8
Rusty +9
Vince +7
Brady +8
Matthew +3
AJ +5
Eazy D -3
Erin H -15

Shall I not record these? only one score below handicap (Erin's)
What say you frolfers?


  1. wow !!15 under is huge, my best is still 6. lets play willits this week. anyone ? ive heard the Oroville course described as kinda a flat willitts, or better yet boonville, that would be good practice for the big tourney, anyone else in for the feather river open , seems like we got a good krew forming with , brodys,utm,dentist?, hem haw? meself, possibly jake the snake? can anyone else make the trip?? parky brewster? can you get away for a weekend mfc roadtrip

    oh and if it matters i would vote for 2 o clock, start time but yall know ill be there whenever, except next weekend, ill be gone again but ill be with you in spirit(high power winds he he)

  2. Postweather,
    I vote to record these scores. It doesn't seem like it was that off or that extreme to not count them. Any other votes?