Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MFC Bag Tags!

So, who knows the official standings for the bag tags? If you look to your right you will see an almost complete list but I don't see Jake "the Snake" Smotherman or Jeremy "Epic" Center. Also, didn't Nate Dizzle lose his placement and then regain it from Mr. Epic?

Other matters: 1. Welcome back Jimmy and nice shooting on Sunday (-10) and nice win, 2. New Chick Record for the Linzanator shooting even and nice second place finish from Top of the World, 3. I think tournament is at 5pm on Sunday, and finally 4. Wish the MFC representatives (moi, HemHaw, Dirka, Brodys, and UTM) luck when we go represent in Oroville this weekend for the Feather River Open. Hopefully, we will bring back some money and plastic (and maybe some Steelhead) to the COAST!

P.S. I went to MCTV today and bought a copy of the video footage from the Fort Bragg Ice Bowl...Hemulus, can you help me upload this on the blog?

Can someone post the scores from last tourney on line?

Happy Frolfing


March 21 Scores

Vince -2
AJ -2
Jim -10
Lindsey 0
Greg +2


  1. Good job Jim and Lindz. Jody is boiling over to get that record back. The feather river courses are looking 50/50. Half easy open hyzers and half tough tunnels and lots of rough. The weather is warm and a chance of rain today, but the weekend looks great. We are hear enjoying Orroville, cant wait for you all to show up. We are going to check on camping right now and if you would like a spot give us a call and we will see what we can do. The camping is 15 miles away from the action, there are roach motels close by and there is a casino with nice rooms, buffet, pool and hot tub for $79 king size. Just a heads up its warm during the day.
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. Great info guys, thanks. I want more info on the course layout though, can I get a hole by hole? Distances, left to right, elevation changes... Are there two courses or one? Any info at all would be appreciated!
    Davey and I are leaving Mendo Friday Morning, and staying in a hotel we should be there around noon to one.

  3. I want MCTV video footage!!