Friday, March 5, 2010

im buyin a lotto ticket

so im watching the memorial, the first big event of the season on the internet. it was a live broadcast. i signed up for it in advance and paid ten bucks to register. during there first day coverage of the "super group" climo, locastro,jenkins and ulibari, they were drawing names for prize packages, they had been doing this several times during the event and i thought it was for participants of the tourney. Then, the announcer looks at the paper and says we have another winner from california...Derrick Robbings you have won a disc golf world prise pack.. then about five minutes later he again brings up my name and says its similar to derrick robbins hall of fame disc golfer, so as soon as i clean myself up, and put on some fresh drawers im heading to go buy some lotto tix, and if i win ill say it here/now all bag tag holders get a piece


  1. What did you win? I am excited to hear! Your taking me to worlds if you win right?

  2. WTF!?! Dude Derrick I'm praying to your God! Let me get this straight- First you put on a tourney and raise like $1000 for the Food bank, Then you hit the basket on hole 11, on the fly, 2 weeks in a row, and now your sitting back at home, watching live disc golf on your computer (I didn't know you could even do that!!!) and Ken Climo is like looking in the Camera on hole 7 and saying "Well, looks like our big winner of the day is DROC!" WTF!! I'm going get you to sign some of my discs before the price goes up.


    PS I am thinking of legally changing my name to Parkahonis. If Derrick thinks its a good idea.