Saturday, April 30, 2011

Willits wendsdays

Willits Wednesdays, hey all i hope to start hitting willits more often to practice up for the tourney there. anyone want to go play a round Wednesday noonish. i hope to get out there the next few Wednesdays, i think there is still plenty of room on the registration list but i wouldn't wait to long to sign up for the tourney.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Who Would Win?

AJ? He shot -6...NO! Nate Dizzle Dog? He shot -3 (-5 his handy)...NO! DaveythemuthafuckaD? I shot -10...NO! Apparantly 10 under gets no play these days. Grilled G? He went 9 under on the front 9 and ended at -8...NO! ErinHemmiesHemulous? He shot an UNBELIEVABLE -15 with an ace (sorry ace pot lovers)...HELL NO! The winner on this day, who resurrected her disc golf carrer, would be none other then Lindsey the Linznater Hut Master L! Linz, as she was teaching 2 other women how to play the sport of frisbee golf, played an unfathomable -1 (8 under her handicap) round. For those of you who missed it on Sportcenter the interview went something like this...

David: So Linz, how did you do it?
Linz: Well David, I was born a winner and a natural disc golf champion. I will soon be traveling all across Guam to teach the sport of disc and instead of building houses I will be building frisbee golf courses which will all have my name in them. The first course will aptly be named, "Lindsey Rock City".
David: So Linz, how did it feel to win on this day?
Linz: Well David, it only felt natural. I took some time off the sport to work on my other hobbies including: kangaroo rescue in the outback, duct tape art, whale riding, miming, vodka drinking, and baking cookies but it was time for me to return to the game that I was born to do. This might sound weird but I was actually born with a frisbee in my hand and my first word (chuckle, chuckle) was frolf.
David: You were born with a frisbee in your hand? This must of been hard on your mother but unfortunately we are running out of time. Stuart, back to you in the studio.
Linz: David, I would like to say one more thing...I would like to thank my friends and family and all of the kangaroos I rescued in the outback for making this special day possible.
David: And there you have it, what a champion! Mia Hamm and the Williams sisters, eat your heart out.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Steady Ed memorial in santa cruz

Both Amateur and Pro fields are limited to 150 players each. If the field becomes full, you will be put on a waiting list and notified if any spots become available. Currently, we have around 85 Am & 50 Pro registered players.

hey guys i am signed up for this tourney, i think Matthew mentioned being interested in heading down for this, Davey too ,Group trip??, anyone else want to head down maybe rent a vacay house for the weekend or somthing we could even rent a mini van for the weekend too it wouldnt be that much theres always good weekend deals on car rentals, ill be at tourney on sunday

Saturday, April 16, 2011

wheres my updates

come on guys , i live for all your witty banter, wish i could be there more but i fear i will only miss more sundays as the summer continues, gonna go see yonder mountain string band in sac with the brodys this sunday hopefully i can make it next sunday.

also its time to start thinking about KOA, registration is up online and i hear the kabins are sold out already, i havent checked though,i think i might try to stop by there tomorrow and see whats available. anyways good luck