Saturday, April 16, 2011

wheres my updates

come on guys , i live for all your witty banter, wish i could be there more but i fear i will only miss more sundays as the summer continues, gonna go see yonder mountain string band in sac with the brodys this sunday hopefully i can make it next sunday.

also its time to start thinking about KOA, registration is up online and i hear the kabins are sold out already, i havent checked though,i think i might try to stop by there tomorrow and see whats available. anyways good luck


  1. Dirka,
    Hey buddy, DaveyD here. I wasn't at tourney last Sunday but I heard that Cody got his first win...nice job CODY! KOA KOA! I was on the Norcal Disc Golf Series website last night and I am going to sign up/register today. For those of you thinking about playing Willits you should sign up sooner rather than later. Go to Google and type in "Norcal Disc Golf Series" and you will find Willits and you can register on-line. If you have any questions about it you can ask me or one of the old school fools! I am not sure I am going to make it today...I am sick but I am trying REALLY hard to rally and come out.

    Davey D

  2. I checked on the cabins about mid February and all they had left were tent sites and one lodge. so I couldnt tell you whats left, cause that was two months ago. either way well see you all there, bring your a+ game, ive been hitten koa about four times a week. HAHA. CRAIG MAC