Monday, March 28, 2011

The Kid Is A Natural!

Well, it is a good thing we didn't start tourney at 2:30pm becuase it was raining like a muthafucka but turns out 3:30pm was Awesome weather and no rain! There were 3 groups and shortly after "START" was shouted, the first shot of the day by Vinny Vincenzo Vincesalot takes the $100 ace pot. This marks Vinny's second ace pot collection. He hit hole 3 on the fly...nice shot Chenzy! Well, Matt F. once again shot a solid round (-6) to go 7 under his handicap and win the pot again! There was a 3 way tie for second place (shooting 5 under handi) between: Hemmies, Cody, and G. Top of the world saw Hemmies take the second place standing. Score of the day belonged to Hemmies -13...DAM...-7 on the back nine. Once again I had the 9 holes of the day shooting 8 under on the front 9 unfortunately I couldn 't do anything on the back nine and actually/literally sharted on hole 16 and 18 and finished at 8 under. Anyways, it was a fun day! We are doing a practice "C" course round on Saturday April 2nd to show people the course. I forget what time?? Hemmies, what time did we say? daveykeeponfrolfinginthefreeworldstein


  1. Nice write up David. I don't think we set a time for Saturday, but lets say 4:00.
    Also I want to go up and play Fort Breezy today @5 or 5:30, which is it? Lets carpool if you want.

  2. Hello all! Still keeping tabs on you all from down here ih tropics. Thanks for the tourney updates! I had a couple questions- anyone up for some norcal series this year? I am interested in Masters Cup, King of the lake, and Wilits (of course). Also, do all the new club members know about the blog? If you look at the stats, the number of postings has been steadily decreasing...We should get more people checking out our site and reading Davey's profanity laced postings! Anyway, I'll be back in three weeks, tan and ready to raise my handi!

  3. Is this Linzanator or HemmieMcHemmulous? Anyways, 4pm sounds grand! I can't carpool because I will already be up in Fort Breezy working but I will see you at 5/530ish. I think Jeremy said it was at 530. Cheers!


  4. hopefully we can start starting at 5, but i think it will take a few weeks to get everyone on board, parky i def want to do masters cup and willits and highland springs, maybe king of the lake but that elevation always kills my game. i think ive decided to play am 1 this year but still a little unsure, ive been sucking a lot lately, gotta get out there and practice some putting more

  5. ParkyMcParkerton,

    I am definitely up for Willts and King of the Lake...I am not sure about Masters Cup yet as I might have plans. Also, I am pretty sure most peeps know about the blog and at least check it but maybe not put up postings?? Anyways, who wants to play Ukiah, Willits, or Booneville tomorrow (Friday April 1st) at approx 4:30ish tee time. If you want to play call my cell (707) 272-9635. I will be occupied (but over the hill) from 12 to 4pm so call me before or afterwards. Frolf On!