Saturday, March 5, 2011

Davey shoots -12, Jimmy shoots -10 but low and behold Matt F wins!


Sorry for the late recap but I figure better late than never. It was a beautiful sunny day with hardly any wind. Many Frolfers took advantage of these conditions to put up stellar numbers but Matt F. breaks the record (of a handicapped round) shooting -9 (15 under his handicap). I wonder if Matt F. has been improving and practicing? In related news Dennis shoots -7 (7 under his handicap) to take second place. Nice job fellows!

We had 20 people show up on this day (which may be a new course record) and 12 or 13 payed players...many others were getting scores in order to get their handicap secure and in place.

The club is growing and I wanted to mention here that our very own Jimmer Eldridge has been working on an MCFC Players Book outlining our mission statement, rules, rules/guidelines of the high school, and generally pitter patter. Some of us old timers have been hitting the streets getting the word out about some of the high school rules that we HAVE to follw including: 1. NO ALCOHOL USE AT THE HIGH SCHOOL, 2. NO SMOKING OF ANYTHING (that includes over the fence line), and 3. NO PLAYING THROUGH SPORTING EVENTS. The high school and the principal have already thretened to pull out the course and baskets and we are still on probation. In the past we have followed these rules loosely but it is now time to follow these rules without question! We will have a players meeting tomorrow before tournament to go over these again.

Happy Frolfing!

Davey D

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