Monday, February 21, 2011

19 Show for Bag Tag/Tee Shirt Deployment.

19 might be a new tourney attendance record? These days it seems entirely possible that 30 people could show up on any Sunday. Pretty cool.

Two weeks ago the MCFC held a meeting covering Ice bowl, course maintenance, club renewal and club member packages. 14 days later its all been covered-mostly. We pulled and re-concreted basket 11, set up new tee sign posts for 9 & 10, fixed #14 sign, and replaced s-hooks on basket 6. Thanks go out to the workers- Both Georges, Jim, Vince & his tools, Davey, Craig, D-rock, & Jeremy.

Players packs were ready except for the plotter made vinyl stickers. Jim came through with badass bagtags. Davey D came through with logo tee's in all sizes. $25 gets you all three.

Four full cards set out to determine who gets the best tags. After many a playoff everyone got their tags and the club is off and running. Davey do you have that list of tag holders? Lets update if you do.


  1. Hey Peeps,

    I misplaced some black sunglasses at tourney. I hope one of you might have found them?


  2. By the way, I just noticed that after tourney, the first five holders of the new tags are the exact same as the first five old tags if you slip out Balmyweather. It's a crazy world...

  3. MCFCers,

    Hemmies, thanks for the post. Yes, ditto on the thank yous to everyone for their work help. Jimmer, AWESOME bagtags (maybe someone could post a picture for Nicoweather). Yeah, I could put the new bagtag order on the blog later on today after work. Could someone post a picture of the winner (Jimmer) on the blog? Hemmies, do you have additional Ice Bowl Pics? Could you post those? THANKS EVERYONE!

    P.S. Wasn't last tournament dedicated to offthewagonweather?


  4. Yo yo,

    Before we throw my ugly mug up on the page as winner, I think there's an issue. In all the hubbub of my round--which shall remain unspoken of here--I believe I may have made a scoring error. While Jesse and I did have a net tie, Jesse had a penalty hole. He made a 4p on 11, getting that dark purple disc stuck in a tree. Does a score with a P on it beat the same score without a P?

  5. Jimmer,
    I am pretty sure that a 4 and 4p are scored the same. Dirka?? Hemmies?? Hey Tech Folks, Craig expressed interest in getting his picture and profile on the blog...can anyone walk him through this?


  6. I found no rule in the pdga rule book that a 4p beats a reg 4, although I have heard of that being used as a tiebreak. I don't like the concept personally.

  7. Picture and profile on the blog? You have to win for that....

  8. Hems,
    No, Craig just wants to be able to have a picture by his name when he makes comments and/or wants to be able to put new posts. Am I making sense? You know how the picture of me is Yoda and the picture of you is on your surf board/paddle board? How does he do this?


  9. Here is the link where Craig needs to create a Google account. It's straightforward, and he can just use his regular email address.

    Hope this works.

  10. Erin, thanks for checking about the P rule. I had seen it as a tie-breaker once before, and I always thought it was lame, and even counter-intuitive--shouldn't a round that avoids any penalties be valued higher than a round with a penalty? The thing i wonder is: why note the P on the card if it isn't used for anything?

    In any case, I guess my ugly mug qualifies for going up. But really, I'd rather have the Icebowl pic up an extra week. It was a much bigger deal!

  11. Arg! I left a witty and brillant comment that got erased. Anyway rock on.