Sunday, January 24, 2010

Final Three

These are the three finalists!
All club voters have voted (except Matthew)
And the polls will close
monday Feb 1st @ 12:00am

Since the last round of voting went fairly smoothly,
I figured we could do it all over again. Just pick your
favorite one of the final three and we will have our
first club logo.

Send your votes to or

#3 Cypress Tree (shown below)

#7 Redwoods (shown below)

#11 Hole 18 ( shown below)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's vote!

The preliminary voting will end @ 12 noon Sunday 24th
Official MFC Art Contest Ballot!
Email votes to
Don't vote in the "comments"
section of the blog

Well MFC folksters, here are the top twelve favorites. All 1093403 entries were carefully screened after Sundays tournament and narrowed down to the few below. All members, or those who plan to be very soon ($20), will get to vote for their TOP THREE logo designs.
The winning logo is going to be printed on golf discs, so vote for the ones that you want staring back at you as release that putt.
On behalf of all MFC'ers thank you very much to everyone who entered their awesome art for our new logo!


#1 otter...
#2 (below) sunset...
#3 (below) cypress tree overlook...
#4 (below) shark putting...
#5 (below) tree silhouette on black..

#6 (below) surfing dolphin...
#7 (below) Redwood trees...

#8 (below) flaming disc...

#9 (below) octopus...
#10 (below) jumping dude...

#11 (below) hole 18...

#12 (below) happy headband...


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adios, Amigos

Well me and my family are off to the sunny southern sandy stretch of Baja to do...nothing. I will be in heavy training for disc by lifting 16 oz weights all day. Here are last week scores and a handy update. What an exciting time in the club! Bag tags, the logo design contest got 20 more entries, the ice bowl coming up...whew! Hope you all weather the (supposed) storms and I will be back in a couple weeks!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Words: Bag Tags

I decided to fergit waiting for our logo and just get us some TAGS, boys.  I found an old-school tag-maker online, and set us up.  The tags have arrived, and they are old-school sweet.  Those who have paid their yearly dues, or who pay them at tourney Sunday, will receive a bag tag with a number commensurate with their handicap ranking among the other members.  Once we get a logo, we can always order new ones if we so wish, but for now, these are killer.  

If we have a hurricane with gale-force winds on Sunday, then everything may have to wait until next tourney.  Or not.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Icebowl is coming

Hey guys

our first icebowl is coming closer,i wanted to let yall know there is bunches of cool stuff available from the icebowl org killer hoodies and shirt caps and beenies 'nested minis' all really cheap, also in addition to the premium disc choices on the flyer you can also get a star mako or a star roadrunner. some disccraft and gateway available too (contact me)

the basket for first place is on the way, and there are gonna be killer prizes for second and third place too, maybe more

Any MFC'er can accept donations for the foodbank or for the icebowl. any cash or canned food will go directly to the food bank,
Anything else will be for the players packages, ctp prizes, ect..

lets start getting the registrations in, matthew and nate dogg got some simple forms, lets try to get some pholks registered

Devan Goes Deep for the Mendo Frolfers

It was just an ordinary Thursday afternoon - except for Devan donning a 6/5 surf suit, mask and snorkel, and barreling into the unofficial Little Lake course pond. Many avid frolfers have played around this piece of property, and undoubtedly also lost a disc in the pond. In the name frolfers up and down the coast, Devan took an hour long dive and retrieved just two discs from the slimey, scummey depths. The water was cold (colder than the January ocean, says he) and he used up all our hot water in a post-dive shower trying to recover his fingers and toes.

We thank him for his efforts.

Is that your Destroyer? To find out if your disc was one of two retrieved from the pond, come to Sunday Frolf!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twenty Ten or 2010 or The First Winner of the New Year!

Well, I have waited for others to post on last weeks tournament (the first tournament of the new year) but I shall take the bull by the horns and report and what a REPORT it is. Erin "Bro Hemulous" "HemHaw" Hemmings broke the tournament record by shooting (holy shit) 15 under par. WOW! A big congratulations to Hemulous. Is that a cartoon version of Erin wearing an Innova shirt and is that a green Firebird? We had a nice turnout of approximately 13 people including some youngsters (and a grandfather) from Booneville. I think Nate Dog was able to get the granddad (I forget his name) to become a member. Give that man a bagtag, a voice, a vote, and a membership to the Mendocino Frolf Club. Vinny Vincenzo Vince took second shooting 4 under his handicap and yours truly DaveyrockingthemendocinocoastextractingteethandshitStein won absolutely nothing by taking 3rd place shooting 3 under my handicap. The day started off sunny and the Mendo fog rolled in to captures discs and swallow hearts. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and the ace pot lives on. The following are the scores from tourney day (as I can remember):

Erin: -15 (7 under handicap)
Vince: -2 (4 under handicap
Davey: -8 (3 under handicap)
Jimmer: -3 (even with handicap)
Parks: +4 ( 5 over handicap)
Nate: someone help
Johny: someone help
Jeremy: someone help
Storms: someone help
Youngster 1/Jacob: +16
Youngster 2: +14
Grandad: ??
Am I forgetting someone?

Sorry folks for not having all the scores. Nate Dog--how is the list coming for the benifits of being a member of the Mendocino Frolf Club. Here is how I see it so far:
1. You get a bag tag.
2. You get to vote on things/have a voice (I know an issue some folks are talking about voting on is capping the ace pot and/or starting a new pot).
3. You can attend the meetings.
4. What else?

Here is an update on the logo design contest. I have emailed the Fort Bragg High School art teacher with the details on how to submit applications (I gave her all of Nate's information). I have left a message for the Mendocino High School art teacher but she hasn't called me back. I have emailed some artsy people that I know. I am a little pessimisstic that we are going to get enough submissions. I haven't heard from Arvin Julius in a little while and I am not sure if he has finished the flyer and/or posted them. AJ, where are you? Lithuania? Portugul? Does Kazakhstan have CVS's. Should we extend the deadline (which is currently 1/15)? Give me thoughts and feedback.