Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's vote!

The preliminary voting will end @ 12 noon Sunday 24th
Official MFC Art Contest Ballot!
Email votes to
Don't vote in the "comments"
section of the blog

Well MFC folksters, here are the top twelve favorites. All 1093403 entries were carefully screened after Sundays tournament and narrowed down to the few below. All members, or those who plan to be very soon ($20), will get to vote for their TOP THREE logo designs.
The winning logo is going to be printed on golf discs, so vote for the ones that you want staring back at you as release that putt.
On behalf of all MFC'ers thank you very much to everyone who entered their awesome art for our new logo!


#1 otter...
#2 (below) sunset...
#3 (below) cypress tree overlook...
#4 (below) shark putting...
#5 (below) tree silhouette on black..

#6 (below) surfing dolphin...
#7 (below) Redwood trees...

#8 (below) flaming disc...

#9 (below) octopus...
#10 (below) jumping dude...

#11 (below) hole 18...

#12 (below) happy headband...



  1. So, if everyone voted in this comments section that would be unfair, and would possibly skew the results. The best alternative I could come up with is to email me the votes at this way voting would be anonymous...well except I will see them. I have already sent in my postmarked vote to myself so I can't get all strategic or anything.

  2. I would also interject that I imagine any of these artists would be willing to tweak their designs a bit if desired. Might change the votes a bit to keep that in mind.

    Thanks to Erin for getting these up, and happy voting!!

  3. oh WOW - so many good entries! sweet! makes the voting tough...

  4. Well, I have cast my votes. A HUGH BIG THANK YOU to Erin for putting the art on line and taking the votes. I concur with The Linzanator in that it was a very hard decision/vote. May the best Logo win. P.S. I talked to Baltimore B and he is going to cast a vote. I also left a message for The Park Down Under and Arvin Julius. I don't think Park will get the message but hopefully he will. Cheers.


  5. I voted. Cant wait to see who wins! Hope you all are doing well. And dont worry we will pay our dues in Feb. at the Ice Bowl. Peace threw Disc Golf.

  6. What happened last week anyway. you guys are slacking on the over view of the rounds.

  7. we played doubles in the worst conditions ive seen, me and jim, davey and ryebread, erin and nate, me and jim lost, erin and nate won , nate hit a crazy long windy put with his driver on seventeen,, heavy wind heavy rain, good shots ,, bad shots blah bla Bob Lablaw

    and i got this email about:
    Lakeport disc golf club is doing doubles at Booneville brewery this Sunday the 24th Jan. yes this Sunday. @ 12:30 Just $5.00 to get in. The Brewery waived the normal green fee charge. The format is to always make the teams as fair and competitive as possible.

    i know its during our tourney time but it might be fun

  8. Hey Club. Thanks for all the votes! I would like to to get all votes in before Sunday. So we can move onto the finals. So far I have 10 peoples votes but need 6 more...I'm missing Matthew, Ryan, Baltimore-B, Jody, Vince, & AJ. If anybody can do any urging/forcing that would be good.

  9. Dirka--the Booneville round sounds fun. I am up for whatever others want to do. What do other people want to do? If we decide to play Booneville we will have to inform people like Jeremy, Greg, and others who don't check the blog. Also, the ace pot stays home (obviously).


  10. it does sound fun, but it would feel like a sin to miss the mendo round. besides im feeling a ace in my future

  11. Hey club disco-
    Thanks everyone for voting, I am still missing a couple of people (AJ, Vince) but the final three are pretty apparent at this point so polls will close tomorrow, Sunday Jan 24th at 12:00 noon. Voting will then open up for the Grand Prize Logo Winner.