Saturday, January 9, 2010

Devan Goes Deep for the Mendo Frolfers

It was just an ordinary Thursday afternoon - except for Devan donning a 6/5 surf suit, mask and snorkel, and barreling into the unofficial Little Lake course pond. Many avid frolfers have played around this piece of property, and undoubtedly also lost a disc in the pond. In the name frolfers up and down the coast, Devan took an hour long dive and retrieved just two discs from the slimey, scummey depths. The water was cold (colder than the January ocean, says he) and he used up all our hot water in a post-dive shower trying to recover his fingers and toes.

We thank him for his efforts.

Is that your Destroyer? To find out if your disc was one of two retrieved from the pond, come to Sunday Frolf!


  1. I just realized I somehow changed the main picture of the Blog - inadvertently... If someone can change it back to that yellow Disc Zone picture, that would be awesome - I apologize and don't know how I did it...

  2. i like the new photo, good job devon

  3. I do believe that the orange destroyer is the one I gave Aaron Brun and the same one he lost days later in the Hemmings pond. Let us all rejoice in Devan's gumption and resilliance to cold water. You know, there is a pond in Willits...

  4. Does MFC stand for "Multiple Finding Club". A big THANK YOU to Devan...the man is braver than me. One last thing...only 2 discs? There has to be probably 15 in there.