Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Words: Bag Tags

I decided to fergit waiting for our logo and just get us some TAGS, boys.  I found an old-school tag-maker online, and set us up.  The tags have arrived, and they are old-school sweet.  Those who have paid their yearly dues, or who pay them at tourney Sunday, will receive a bag tag with a number commensurate with their handicap ranking among the other members.  Once we get a logo, we can always order new ones if we so wish, but for now, these are killer.  

If we have a hurricane with gale-force winds on Sunday, then everything may have to wait until next tourney.  Or not.


  1. Sweet, But what happened last week! Those out of town just cant wait to hear the nitty gritty. Thanks for the drive to get the bag tag thing started Jim. Whats wrong with gale force winds anyway?

  2. awesome. ill be there rain or shine to get mine

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  4. D Rock, I agree with your rule ideas. Since Jim was in charge of bag tags, you two should put your heads together and write a rule sheet that covers it all, which it seems that you have done already. Good job.

  5. Here is my proposal of a New simplified version. It is still open to revision. Is there any thing anyone would add or remove???

    you only have to accept a challenge if its within 5 of your tag number

    you can challenge at any course,

    you can schedule challenges

    you dont have to accept a challenge from some one you just beat

    players can choose to do group challenges

  6. Dirka,
    I like the "New Simplified Rules". I concur. The within 5 of your bagtag rule may challenge folks to get on their horses and climb the bag tag ladder if they want to see me. Cheers.


  7. D,

    I like these rules!

    There should be a rule the you must keep your tag with your discs (i.e. no "forgetting" to bring your tag), but maybe that goes without saying?

    Also, maybe we should include a definition of "just beat". How about "beat within the past week"?

  8. I agree.. Now are our bag tag numbers up for grabs at the ice bowl? any takers? I will have one then and I challenge you all! Its on!

  9. Oh and I am coming for that ace pot also.